๐ŸŽ‰ Get ready for the 'Best of Blender Artists 2021' Awards!

Hey everyone, this year weโ€™ll celebrate the quality and diversity of our artists community by having a community election of the best artworks!

With your help, weโ€™ll pick the top 5 works from the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Landscapes and flora
  • Interior architecture
  • Exterior architecture
  • Technology
  • Animals
  • Vehicles (this includes cars, boats, planes, spaceships etc)
  • NPR

How it will work

  1. The BA team will create shortlists of 25 artworks for each category, and will post them with a voting form around Christmas.
  2. You have until December 30 to cast your votes.
  3. We will present the top 5 of each category on Blender Artists and BlenderNation on December 31st.

We need your help

We will use tags help us find the right artworks in the #artworks category for our shortlists. So please scan your portfolio and add the following tags to your topics when necessary:

Note: #landscapes, #plants and #technology are new tags!

Please finish tagging your artwork by December 22, end of day so we can create our shortlists in time for the election.


How can I add tags to my topics, if itโ€™s been more than 24h ago. Do I need a higher trust level in order to do that?

Yes, to edit older topics you need to have a โ€˜Trust Level 2โ€™ account:

Since this is a problem for this activity, Iโ€™ll lift this restriction until December 24.


Thank you!

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Hi @bartv:

I have some images that are recreations of other artists works, as you know.

Can I tag them to these awards?

Iโ€™m assuming you got their permission for the reproduction and that you credited them in your post? If so, then thatโ€™s ok.

Of course, before publishing, I contact the author asking for permission and every post includes:

A clear title with the original author and the name of the original scene.
The name of the artist.
A link to his/her scene in this forum.
The images of what I have been able to recreate.
Some comments about the problems and thoughts I have found in my try.

So, if you and the comunity dont mind, I will tag a pair of them.


Sounds good, works for me!

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Hi Bart!
is it possible to add the VFX category / hashtag ?

We canโ€™t add tags now anymore, perhaps next year!

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What exactly is NPR?

Non Photo Realistic, like cartoon renders etc.

Thank you. Doesnโ€™t really apply to me, then. I donโ€™t do any of that.

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Those are the correct kind of category/hashtags right? In this case the โ€œcharactersโ€ one.

Yes, that is correct

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Hey Bart

I tagged my work as #characters

But Iโ€™ve got this โ€œOur automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden your topic.โ€
And I canโ€™t find my work anymoreโ€ฆ https://i.imgur.com/aJcAu6z.png

Letโ€™s go :fire:

Yeah, sometimes our spam filter does that. I cleared them!

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Our work is a music video, we could not do any reproduction on music or sound.
Only animation is fine, could we participate in this actiity?