Ghost In The Shell Fanfilm

We are very proud to finally release our Tribute to the 1995 animated Ghost in the Shell short movie. This project started more than two years ago and was very difficult to produce.
It is interestingly enough to know that everything was created with the help of only three computers and rendered without using any renderfarms.
Being all of us big fans of Gits, we though that producing our own tribute would be totally amazing to do. However, we were also fully aware of the level difficulties this kind of project would generate but that would not stop us. In fact it had not taken long before we had started organizing the production!
This short movie was mostly produced inside Blender. It was also a great opportunity to really implement this multifunctional 3D software without the use of fancy studio equipment and stuff.
Believe us when we tell you that our three computers had their share of suffering and let´s forget all the headaches that involved. We even succeeded on totally killing one of those computers. RIP :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Regardless all that, we are very pleased with the final result and hope that you´ll enjoy it as much as we do.

original video :

Team :
Lezly Prager
Pascal Deraed
Max Maurel
Guillaume Tibi



nice work i really liked it,
note that i wasnt a real fan of the ghost in the shell serise, and after the movie, i dumped it on the lowst sheel i have,
but for the work you did and the efford you take to creat it just like the movie, is actully a wounderful and an awesome thing

Well this is a piece of real genius if ever I saw one.

I love GITS and I bought right into this.

Bravo to the whole team.

One of my favorite films. Very nicely done.

Outstanding work.

Wow, it’s really frame-to-frame reproduction of the original animation. Great!

That’s great! I love the Manga which has deeper story compared to the movie but I still like the movie!

Thanx guys. I’m very happy you like this. :slight_smile:

I like this opening SO MUCH BETTER than the one in the movie! The non feature-film budget shows here and there, but your animation actually uses what made the original opening work so well in the first place.
Unlike that greyed-out technical showcase with little to no aesthetic sense that we saw in the movie.

By the way, how did you guys do the hair around the water surface? That effect seems especially hard!

Really good work guys! #thumbup


Bleep my life! This is why I need a team! I loved it so much, I’m going to share it on Facebook now!

Sweet! Excellent job! I’m sure it was difficult, but I bet it was fun to do!!

I watched the original short and your animation side-to-side and absolutely loved it.
Job well done guys.

Excellent work. Every details and scene is a treat to watch.

Thanx Everybody. I’m very happy you like that ! :smiley:
I edit the first post with two news images if you want see more. :slight_smile:

this is so fucking awesome! Well DONE… WELL DONE

I have no words! :open_mouth:

This is damn incredible work! Are you going to post any breakdowns or art dumps for this project?

I’m not entirely sold on her face, however.

Amazing work!