Gilius = Thunderhead The Dwarf

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I uploaded here. I was taking some time to explore Zbrush but now created a sculpt entirely in Blender and thought to share :slight_smile:

A fan art from the old video game Golden Axe. This was my favorite character pick when I used to play this game (and still do so :-).

Created in Blender - Sculpted and rendered in realtime (as my usual ;-).

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

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Amazingly detailed model. The model and the pose is just too awesome.
Really great work

And just a reminder for the reference image:

Wow I remember this game, Great work!

Great to hear thanx! The pose and composition is the first thing I make sure I give attention to before detailing.

This game cost me so much lunch money. O_o

Amasing model by the way. :smiley:

that’s so awesome!

I loved that game as a teen and recently introduced it to my kids on the PS3… it’s they’re favourite game:) simple and great fun!!
thanks for the nostalgia:)

this is fantastic… super cool…


Incredible work, kfir! As usual, it bears your unique and extreme style, but is also something new and different. I see a bit more color in this one, I think. As said, the pose is terrific and looks great from many angles. Thanks for posting the original game image; you’ve taken it to another level!

Stunning work as usual!

All I can say is WOW

Wonderful! :slight_smile: !

I agree, WOW! :slight_smile:

I love this game, and you remediation of this character is pretty well done! I give you my 5.

Excellent as always. :slight_smile:

One the best work I’ve ever seen

Thanks guys for the feedbacks! Appreciated :slight_smile:
I tried this time to make the turntable animation more interesting with playing around with some camera shots and a slow turntable. I hope that my art will one day match some of Sideshow Collectible’s iconic sculpts. Here is an example of what the level of presentation I hope to achieve soon:

Damn!!! golden axe, I’ve spent so many hours with my brother when I was a kid.
Man you’re a killer.
Still viewport render or did you rendred it with cycle?

You’re so amazingly skilled!

Beautiful work.

May I ask how you go about texturing your model?