Gimp 2.10 is out

Hi all,

    Just to let you know that Gimp 2.10 is out and it seems with a lot of improvement . Yet to test them though.



Not to talk bad about it but for 50$ one could get Photoline or Affinity Photo both apps I feel outperform GIMP in nearly every aspect.

I hope the new engine finally gives it a needed speed boost.

I understand cekuhnen, but that is 50$ I may never have to spare:)

and the engine is now has better mutithreaded supportā€¦Iā€™m not sure what that means I have only read the download pageā€¦but I see it as a generally good thing.

congratulations to the team. I played with it a bit, I like the new UI and the new high bit depth is really great. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

50$ is indeed a lot for many users and some people are on Linux or just want free programs.


No MacOS version yet. :frowning:

Yeah, the Affinity products are the only reason for me too, to keep a Windows around. Well and Resolve Studio but I have hopes for V15 to get it to run under Arch.

Allthough IĀ“m gladly using Gimp in Linux and don`t have to switch to often.

Many thanks to GIMP developers and collaborators!
I guess that now that GEGL nightmare is almost finished (I refer to the hard work that involved porting to GEGL), more fun times will come for developers.





great news,
thank you developers!

Congrats developers. Thansk for their efforts.

By the way there are critical bugs for Windows users. I couldnā€™t start Gimp. It crashes at start. Avast antivirus define it as a virus. I sent bug report and wrote Avast False Positive center. I hope they all be fixed :slight_smile:

I gave it a test - a simple cut out a part of a high res image move it and rotate it
the screen refresh rate was as usual GIMP sloppy.

Not sure what GEGL should improve but not basic tasks of image manipulation as it seems

Having purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo for macOS I have zero need for GIMP, and only aspects of Inkscape. The performance of Affinity apps dwarfs anything from GIMP and it will only grow as Metal 2 API is fully integrated.

GEGL OpenCL Acceleration isnā€™t turned on by default. I found that out digging through the Preferences->System Resources.

If you have those apps then yes, youā€™re not going to miss anything from GIMP or Inkscape.

Now for those of us who want to save a few bucks if possible, have portability, have dev. builds available to use if theyā€™re stable enough, and are coming out of outdated programs from many years back, then GIMP and Inkscape can have some use.

Iā€™m just happy to finally be using a 2D program with active development, I also think the GIMP userbase is set to grow significantly now that the multi-window nightmare is a thing of the past.


If you havenā€™t done so yet, you should replace your copy of GIMP 2.10 official with GIMP 2.10.2 (the news is a month old, but no one posted it).

A couple of new filters have been created using the GEGL code, but most of it is notable bugs getting fixed. Work on GIMP 3.0 is already underway and it will get rid of a lot of old cruft.

Do note though, be sure you blow away all GIMP related folders before installing the new version (so it will force a fresh start and prevent issues).

GIMP 2.10.4

New in this release are more bugfixes, a ā€œstraighten horizonā€ tool, an experimental recursive transform tool in the GEGL category, better PSD loading, and more.

It should also be mentioned that the next release does not have a set date right now because of how the GTK3 integration is exposing sub-par design (meaning more to fix along the way).

Donā€™t forget to blow away your copy of GIMP 2.10.2 before installing to ensure everything works correctly.

GIMP 2.10.6 (in case people werenā€™t checking up on the blog).

A couple of new filters, optimizations, vertical text, an improved straighten tool with support for vertical elements, improvements to the plugin system, and other things.

Not a whole lot of user visible things are going in right now because of the large amount of internal work being done (which will lead to larger improvements in the future).

As usual, blow away your old copy of GIMP before installing the new one.

Gimp getting better and better
This is very helpful news for the open source image editor software