girl \ female face

this is a project ive been wanting to do ever since i got blender, so i´m kinda exited.
please tell me what you think, and what improvements i can make. anyway i got the blueprints from and the tut from blenderart magazine.


A wire would be good but from that if its ment to be a female your going to have to smooth out some of her features

Here It Is


Not bad for a first attempt

you have got quite a few triangles in there you might want to check out mr_bombs tutorials.

I’m guessing from the visible line in the middle of her face that you are using a linked and mirrored duplicate half of a face which means there are two objects instead of one. Try using the mirror modifier with clipping turned on.

almost done but she still looks like a MAN!!!


Saw this on youtube. Hope it helps.

Great! that migt help

i´m trying to add hair but the curser is so far away from the model, so when i add a benzier curve i cant see it because it is too far away.
how can i make the cuser be where the three axes collide?

There’s a few ways, but this is the one I’ve always used:



well i made the hair ,but now it just looks bad .
What can i d0?


I can give you some tips (perhaps they help ;)):

first of all get rid of this ugly “in the middle mesh” thing

  • have you checked if there are faces on the mirror plane? if so delete them
  • check if the vertices which should be on the mirror plane aren’t there eg. select one of those vertices and check the coordinates by pressing “n” the coordinate which should be on the mirror plane must be 0 in local (not global) coordinates

The eyeballs need to be close to a sphere. I made the mistake that i modified the eyeballs so they would fit the eyelids and not the other (correct) way around

The sculpt tool “smooth” is quite nice for smoothing your mesh.

Or you could do what I told you todo and fix the nostrils and make them more finer and less like a big blackman

hmmmm, yea mr_bombs tuts will help you, but in all of my words you’re getting there.
To make a good face mesh, you might want to use some face references.

Don’t give up though, your doing a good job trying.

well. i am going to do the hair later cuz we all know that it turned out to be crap!
anyway i made the nose smaller. and the lips need some work too


About that line in the middle of your mesh, if you are usin subsurface and mirror modifiers they must be in mirror then subsurface order, if not, sorry for bothering.

About making it look more like female

upper the chick, pull out the area near the eye and that third circle - push it in.
Lips - I think than you want that it look very sexy, so pulled them out, maybe try to push them in (esp. corners) and make then bigger in z axis.

P. S. nice ear, it looks a lot better then my attempt.

ill do my best
im planning to do the line in the middle last

is this what u wanted?


If your model still has triangles, you must get rid of them.
Here is some very good material how to do it:

thanks alot