Girl Portrait Render

Hey all,
Obviously I’m quite a ways into this project, but I thought I’d post it here since I probably still have a long ways to go before I call it finished. Hopefully this will keep me motivated to keep working on it. I’d love any input you might have – first impressions, detailed critiques, whatever comes to mind.


My first impression was that she was part lion or feline.

What is your lighting setup, how many lights? (I’m also curious about the camera angle - maybe you could give us a screenshot with Solid Mode Viewport Shading and not in camera view).

Thanks for your input! I can see what you mean about the feline features, especially in the eyes. This is based off a real person down to the specific locations of most of the freckles, so that wasn’t and artistic decision on my part. But still, good to note.
I have three lights right now. I’ve got a sun lamp for the light blue sheen in her right cheek and shoulder, and another sun directly opposite the camera adding some glow to the hair from behind. And then I have a mesh lamp up above her head.
Here are some screenshots (the viewport renders weren’t turning out great)
The falling-apart plane thing that’s selected in the first image is the key light. It’s shaped like that to create a more interesting reflection in the eyes.


That’s a cool looking light. More interesting than just a plane. The ortho views really help to see the geometry. Image 38A is really giving the “mane” effect (e.g. partly because of the camera angle but also just the way her hair is (which is cool). Obviously if you tilt down you can get more of the body. How long are your renders? Can you pop out a render somewhat like the viewport angle in the last one / maybe even turning up the camera’s focal length like 10-15mm / and dollying back like a foot?

The renders are 5-13 hours, but I can obviously do lower resolution as well. I actually tried a different angle just last night before seeing your comment.

I’m far from happy with the roots to the hair. I’m thinking of a way to try to fix that still.

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It’s the eyes that are letting it down. Do some hard research on eyes and try to get the subtleties. The whites are to strong, looks like black eye liner all the way around her eyes. The eyes are always the focal point. You get that right and she will look awesome.
Nice work :+1:t2:

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Sweetie, always make “your sweetie” look beautiful. Right now, she has acne.