Girl Portrait


(ZBlend) #1

Hello, Its a new personal project I did to test somethings in my workflow. Rendered in Cycles… Hope you like it :slight_smile:
If you want see more images please visit my artstation: If you can support me liking it there too :smiley:
Thank you


How much time did you spend to be able to make a model & rendering like this?

(ZBlend) #3

Hi! I think It tooks around 11 days full time. Thanks for comment!

(pixelgrip) #4

really great realism here.the only CC from me is imho the nosetip has a little to much fine hairs,and the forehead skin to much pore bumps,the rest looks almost perfect,the fabric looks great too.

(yvesbodson2) #5

Very nice work. Her attitude is very natural… pixelgrip is right about the forehead… Otherwise great work…

(ZBlend) #6

Thank you very much for the comment :slight_smile: I did some corrections as you point I’ll render it again then post it later. Thanks again

(ZBlend) #7

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ll try to render it again with the corrections… I’ll try to post some images from Blender viewport and some tips of the workflow I’m using.

(ZBlend) #8

I did a new render with smoother details hope you like it :slight_smile: I changed the original for the new one
Now here some images from Blender:
viewport rigging: its a rigify


for the other parts like clothes I used the maps exported from substance painter with principled shader.
for the skin I used Andrei Cristea’s skin shader you can download it from his blog:

the hair, eyebrow, eyelid I used HairTool addon using some exported guides from Zbrush except for eyelids I made using only HairTools way.
the lighting is a simple 3 point light with large square area lights (around 7 to 11m)
the clothes I used some tutorial from YouTube on how to export from MarvelousDesigner to Blender, the only tip is using adaptive size value “90” when you ZRemeshe it. It will keep perfectly the boards of your flat mesh from Marvelous then you weld the parts inside Blender…
thank you

(alf0) #9

damn man this looks amaizing nice work !!!
she remainds me of someone

(ZBlend) #10

Thank you :slight_smile:

(sumac) #11

Very nice.
I really like the wet eyes and the eyebrows.
There are some things than can improve besides the things mentioned before.The hair is way too thick.
The clothes not enough. The edges are too sharp.
Only 5 percent more work to do before perfection.

(cpmodeling) #12

Damn, that’s awesome if you photoshopped her into a photo of people in a group setting I bet she’d blend right in. Great test for realism work challenge viewers to find the CG character in the photo lol

(djtartak) #13

I predict …featured… (mark my words) :slight_smile:

(Photox) #14

Good heavens that’s nice. Virtually nothing to critique low res, the shirt looks more fake than the face! High res, neck texture slightly stretched and the forehead bump a little strong. Overall it’s top shelf for sure. Congrats.

(ZBlend) #15

sumac: Thanks for reply! I’m not sure about the thick you mentioned… about the hair if I reduce the thick I’ll have to increase the hair amount then I think I have no RAM enough to conclude the render :confused: but thank you for your oppinions anyway :slight_smile: It always help us to get more attention on next projects ^^

cpmodeling: Aw man hahaha I don’t know if it has a photo quality but I thank you for the kind words :smiley: I’ll keep trying to reach as far as I can in terms of realism. Thank you for reply ^^

djtartak: Thank you man :wink: I dont know if it has that quality but I thank you for the words :slight_smile:

Photox: Thank you for your comment. Yeah it has some parts where I’d have to improve. The neck I’m sure it isn’t a stretch it’s a wrong alpha application It’s very difficult to apply alphas when the objective is realism… the strenght and size must be very accurate or it will have fake or strange appearance… about the forehead I agree with you I’ve reduced it a little already but perhaps not enough.

(Jason van Gumster) #16



The clothes are really great as well. :open_mouth:

(Hoverkraft) #18

Amazing! You even get a sense of the chilly surroundings she must be exposed to.

(- Click for resources) #19

Indeed, the nostril has to much fine hairs, that looks crazy lol.

The T-shirt fabric feels a bit strange as well, look at the breast area, left side it are what dots/lines right side the streched part it turns into small arrows pointing up?

Other then that, damn nice work!

(Drew Evan) #20

skin detailing and texturing is top of chart and eyes are mesmerizing…great job