Girl Portrait

Great work man. I’m now beginning my journey with Blender and you just motivated me.

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Very good work! Looks amazing :slight_smile: :+1:

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The hair looks real

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@ ellie1Thank you!

She looks like “dziewczyna bez zęba na przedzie” form Kazik music video:

Great work!

I’m blown away by this. Very natural, very skilful.

Please explain to me how you did the clothes and texturing thereof. Thanks!

@ Drabson Glad you like it! Thank you

@ Giom The clothes I did using Marvelous Designer you can find very good tutorials in YouTube on how to use it with Blender
The textures I did in Substance Painter, the t-shirt simulation was done in Marvelous and its texture in ZBrush
Thank you

It looks nice, I prefers your eyes most <3

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I really love it @ZBlend , great Job!!

Whoa bae bae

amazing and beautiful

Amazing rendering!

Lots of good tips reading the constructive criticism/pointers on your project that I saw, which would help an upcoming blender artist wannabe as myself. Also, you are a great inspiration to people like me as well. So, thank you for sharing your amazing work. I loved seeing the other images you provided as it shows how meticulous you were.

That said, I wanted to add some friendly constructive comments:

For me, i thought this was amazing, but i had this sense of dissonance regarding her age. Was this character intended to be younger, middle-aged, or older? Youthful or aged?

IF you wanted an outsider perspective with fresh eyes, here’s what came to my mind:

I do think your model is GREAT!
But, also:

  1. Is she younger or older? the final render makes me wonder what you intended to make because her facial skin look like its had some photo-aging as older people do and her eyebrows are a little thin, which is characteristic of, maybe, Mongoloids (East Asians, though she looks Caucasian) and older–more seasoned, excuse me–women.
  2. Just seeing her torso up, I am convinced she is older. And, her torso has, lets just say, a “respectful” amount of “artistic attention and artistic flair”, haha. But, Noting the style of her outfit in my mind and the fact that you can tell she’s not wearing a bra, as your audience, my brain doesn’t send a signal that she’s an aged, or traditional baby boomer (which conflicts with other cues in my mind… you would expect an older women to be more conscious and reserved as she gets older and her view of the world changes), which makes it confusing as to “her story”, which is what you are telling us, the viewers, with your work. So, the question I am left asking myself is: Is she younger or older?
  3. She’s a very attractive virtual person! But, I’m biased to think she’s older, but her beauty isn’t fully the beauty of an older person. Trying to be strictly anatomical and professional: Her breasts do look very natural regarding the shape from the front view, however, from the side view they quite notably protrude ventrally (to the front), which i say because, usually, natural breasts, as they increase in volume, tend to descend and sag a little (But depending on genetics, can still keep a “full” look if she’s a lucky winner of the genetic lottery). From the front view, the shape of them looks honest, but from the side view, one may note that, she has a lot more breast tissue and there is no expected change in the anatomy to reflect that amount of breast tissue. As women get larger there, they tend to descend a little more without something like a bra to give form. Secondly, if she is older, which is the story I am getting, I kind of personally expect more “descent” (generally) in that area. She may have had children. She’s just unexpectedly youthful in that area. So, it does bring me back to the question: is she older or younger?
  4. Her hair looks great–tells me that she’s older (Coming from the baby boomer generation) based on the style. But, the tattoos tell me she might be a late Xer or a millennial or Z-er. So, that same question comes back: Is she older or younger? What story is the artist who made this wonderful rendering trying to convey?
  5. The waist down screams youthfulness. I can’t really say why but it does. So, it really adds to that dissonance as a viewer and art appreciator.

Technically its great, but really would love to see how you would progress to further develop her story with your artistic capacities!

Hope this was insightful!

GREAT WORK! :smiley:

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nice feedback!

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Thanks! Be blessed! :slight_smile:

hahaha you are surely christian because the way you answered xD

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