Girl Portrait


(Papa Kofi Aware Adei) #41

Great work man. I’m now beginning my journey with Blender and you just motivated me.

(kat301020) #42

Very good work! Looks amazing :slight_smile: :+1:

(angela) #43

The hair looks real

(ZBlend) #44

@ ellie1Thank you!

(Drabson) #45

She looks like “dziewczyna bez zęba na przedzie” form Kazik music video:

Great work!

(Giom) #46

I’m blown away by this. Very natural, very skilful.

(Giom) #47

Please explain to me how you did the clothes and texturing thereof. Thanks!

(ZBlend) #48

@ Drabson Glad you like it! Thank you

@ Giom The clothes I did using Marvelous Designer you can find very good tutorials in YouTube on how to use it with Blender
The textures I did in Substance Painter, the t-shirt simulation was done in Marvelous and its texture in ZBrush
Thank you

(Otis H. Matthews) #49

It looks nice, I prefers your eyes most <3