(Yudit1999) #1

“Girl” Artwork by Yuditya Afandi.
Based on character concept by Yungun Y. (

Studio/Client: Character, Sci-fi
Software: Blender

  • Modelling
  • Sculpting
  • Texturing
  • Shading
  • Rendering
    When: February 2018
    Personal project based on awesome concept by Yungun Y. In this project I tried out some of the new features in Blender such as denoising and filmic color space. Still using Cycles engine to render this artwork, except for the subsurface scattering that done in Blender Internal. Using textures from Poliigon but most of the textures that i used is hand painted. It’s almost 1-to-1 recreation from the concept aside from some tweaking that I made. Learn a lot from this project especially in the modelling part.

You can watch the presentation video here:

Artstation Link:

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(Yudit1999) #2

(timmy6151) #3

siiiiick :smiley: nice one man! Whats your workflow for hard surface’s look like? do you sketch with sculpt then retopo or just go straight to poly modeling? very impressive work :slight_smile:

(Yudit1999) #4

(Yudit1999) #5

If it’s simple like a cylindrical mesh I just straight with polymodelling but if it’s a little bit more advance i’ll sculpt it frrst then retopologize it.

(BigBlend) #6

Wow. Super great. Really awesome.

(alf0) #7

man this is really crazy, I would only ask 2 questions how did you create her skin, what part of the textures you painted

(Walli) #8

this is really very nice - I just feel the weight in the neck, looks like she might topple over :wink:

(CG-Predator) #9

Beautiful model.
Love the detail.

However - unless that armature is made of SUPER light alloy and can also float by itself ( I mean she has ZERO strain on her legs) , this design is not practical.
Besides holding the armature she will also have to hold whatever she picks up with it.
Even if she manages to pick it up (…which she wont) - it will shake her like a doll and brake her neck.

I feel sore after I carried my son on my shoulders for 10 minutes - and he is 5. :slight_smile:

If practicality was not your aim ( and I assume it was not ), please disregard everything I just said.

Great modelling though.
Take care

(threedslider) #10

Great work she is beautiful !

(Marcusrafaelft) #11

Amazing job!! But as some people said I don’t know if the armor design would be very healthy for her :smiley:

(Felix Kütt) #12

So she is standing in a space station and the artificial gravity isn’t sufficient to crush her spine.

(Safetyman) #14

Outstanding work!

(SynaGl0w) #15

Awesome work! Love the balance of detail!

(pkrissz) #16

Fantastic work!

(rombout) #17

hahah people are going to far, as if these things exist already. Perhaps they do but possible more bulky.

Very clean modeling and great topology from what i could see. Well done, very detailed model.

(Toka) #18

Amazing Incredible work.

Although it does give me a little bit of a twinge in the lower back thinking about some of the bio mechanical health aspects of it too closely. But I guess that’s testament to the extremely high standard of artistic craftsmanship.

(iamdemsugar) #19

Awesome job as always man.

(Toka) #20

I imagine that if this were manufactured in the real world. they might move the robot arms more to her body’s center of mass and build most of the support rig and load baring structures to be taken up by her hips and pelvis. Like in modern hiking backpack designs. Looks like it would be a lot of stress on the neck and lower back. But then I’m a bit obsessive about health and safety in the workplace these days. Don’t try this at home kids. :eyebrowlift:

It is beautiful though.

(SamusDrake) #21

Quality job, but the concept of weight is difficult to accept. Giving a little thought to it, maybe its supported by anti-gravity technology? Perhaps that could allow her to also fly, which would provide for more interesting poses? That I would love to see.