Godot 3.0 Default Theme


(AFWS) #1

I’m sure someone has made a Godot theme ,but I haven’t came across it. Here’s my first theme and It could prolly use some more work. This is what I have came up with after a couple of days. I’ll post theme later.

Separate location for themes
(AFWS) #2

OK, here it is. I have tweaked, tweaked, and tweaked some more, LOL. I’m sure I’ll do a little more ,but you guys can check it out so far.

godot_3_0_0_default.xml (49.6 KB)

(ikeahloe) #3

Thanks for taking the time. People who work with both will probably love this. I think this forum needs a separate theme section. I don’t think people check this for themes. People look here for code add-ons arent interested in looking at themes.