Golden Hour Animation


(Damien) #1

This was inspired by a project from Arthur Whitehead. I thought what he made was awesome! He used Cinema 4D and Octane. I wanted to see what I could do in 100% Blender, with no add-ons. The grunge textures were from #Poliigon, the rest is the principle shader.

I hope you like it, it took about 9hrs from start to finish, rendered at 5k samples.

(salsa) #2

i like it … nice … looks too real
can u show as the wireframe plz ?

(Damien) #3

Does this help you?

(sundialsvc4) #4

There’s just no physically-plausible visual justification for that “depth-of-field.” (IMHO)

(ibotpl) #5

Looks great!
This has to be animated with eevee!

(salsa) #6

amazing thx

(Damien) #7

I’m actually rendering the animation now. I couldn’t use EEVEE, it just kept crashing.

(SterlingRoth) #8

What do you mean? Macro photography has very shallow depth of field:

(photograph from shutterstock)

Especially at that oblique of an angle, the DOF actually seems rather muted.

(Damien) #9

Here is a clay render, I forgot to put this up.

(Damien) #10

Ill work on my DOF, thank you!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #12

Awesome work, you’re #featured!

(Damien) #13

Thank you very much! I’m honored to be one of the ones chosen.

(Mark06GT) #14

Very nice work on the materials and modeling. I think the DOF is fine.

(Alex Treviño) #15

Love it! all of it! You nailed it completely! Congratulations!

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #16

I just fell in love all over again with micro clock photography…
ah, yes! Nice modeling!


I am curious if you made the gears accurate? Is the model complete?

(Damien) #18

The gears are mostly to scale, I modeled the watch based off a 45mm case diameter. The entire model is pictured below in a screen capture. Functioning wise, a few of the gears work correctly. The rest are just moved into place and animated for visual interest. I actually only have 3 gears in the whole watch, I just modified scale and thickness :grin:

(Damien) #19

Thanks! Congrats on your project breakdown, you have my $6 haha.


It’s a good looking model. I think it would probably take knowledge of building clocks to model a whole.

(Alex Treviño) #21

Hey man Thank you very much! I appreciate a lot your support. But I come here to congratulate you! hahaha Congratulation again!