Good Morning

I’ve just finished this and want to thank all of the people from the WIP section that gave me their comments. I am rendering and processing at least two other photos that I will update the thread with in the near future. The lighting in the pictures is different on purpose, to show what it might look like at different times.


Very nice renders, 5 stars!

5 stars sure!

Well, now we have 15 of them stars :slight_smile:

good work :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate them very much, as well as your five stars. I am truly glad to receive them. I’d like to have the other renders up tonight or tomorrow. But so far, my favorite is the first one posted.

Wow… awsome job!
Materials well done and an awsome modeling.

Thanks Werlang. I’ve updated the first image with a much better resolution, below you can click on it and see the full quality. I also changed the dof. Also, Here is another render featuring the machine from the front.


Lovely work! Five stars! :smiley:

Hi Vicky. Thank you for your comment and stars. It is much appreciated. I’m glad people like it.

Great little scene. Love the light in the first one, with the dof mixed with the slightly over exposed area to the left. Really nice.

Thanks Daveonblender. I’m trying to be as close to photoreal as I can. My first 5 star thread, so I’m very pleased about it.

Looks good, but there’s places for improvement for example the electric socket doesn’t blend that well with the wall, or the flowers just don’t look good. But overally it looks really great.

I think it’s fabulous… 5 stars from me

outstanding lightning! wonderful work!

Makes me want to pour a cup right now. Great job on this project.

Thank you so much Aras, TC2466, Doris and Harley! I espeically appreciate someone of your caliber saying that, Doris. All of these new comments are really inspiring, and I hope one day to expand on this and post some updated renders here.

Very nice!

Thanks Tim, appreciate that. I had a couple of hours today and wanted to revisit this one. I changed a few things, and I’d rather see more things on the cart, but mostly I wanted to get the lighting right.

This latest render came out really well. Seems like an earlier morning scene vs. the last render in post #8. I think the new lighting works great.