Google Maps Models Importer

Hey, this is really interesting ! I’ve actually some troubles to use camera tracking with google earth studio. This could be an other solution :slight_smile:

Finally, it doesn’t work :frowning: Impossible to inject the Chrome GPU process :

Intel Core i7-6700K [email protected]
RAM 32 Go Windows 10 (17134.706)

Hi @Zakousky It seems that you did not use the --gpu-startup-dialog flag, or that it did not work. Or that you clicked “ok” before injecting in the PID popup. RenderDoc cannot be injected in a process that is already using the graphical API, and since on your screenshot the chrome window is already launched, it is too late. You must actually inject before it starts showing anything.

Hi Mink !
First of all, thx for your fast answer :slight_smile:
I’m not sure to understand what it means when you speak about the gpu startup dialog flag ?

Here’s the video screenshot of my manipulation :

There should be a popup dialog when starting Chrom, as shown here:
To do this, you must modify your Chrome link by right clicking on it, Properties, and adding --disable-gpu-sandbox --gpu-startup-dialog --use-angle=gl after "...\chrome.exe" in the shortcut Target field.

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My bad ! I’ve forgotten this step. Unfortunately, when the screenshot is done, The result seems to be just a 2D screenshot - even if I move the 3D view in GoogleMap (Theres no Texture Tab in RenderDoc)

You must move in the 3D viewport at the same time as you take the capture, otherwise google maps save computations and does not re-render the frame.

That’s what I’ve done. I’ll make an other attempt and I’ll tell you the result.
Furthermore, have you ever try to use Google Earth Studio Camera tracking in Blender ?

I’ve made several tests but nothing appears when I try to import it in Blender. Really strange…

Mmh maybe try to use the delayed and burst capture functionnality.
And I don’t know Google Earth Studio Camera tracking.

Never mind. Google Earth Studio allow you to generate an “fly over” animation with google map and generate a Camera Tracking file you can use in AE but it doesn’t work on Blender. Therefore, I’m searching for a Script wich allow to load the camera data in Blender.

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finally I think everything seems to work in RenderDoc. BTW I think I’ve some trouble in Blender (2.80). When I try to import with the addon installed, nothing appears in the 3D viewport and the Outliner.

Did you notice that you shall not use the last version of RenderDoc, but instead ue version 1.2 portable or 1.1?

You’re damn right. I thought I ned to instal the latest version !

There’s some trouble with the grid polygon effect but it’s really interesting :slight_smile:

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Well I use the term loosely, as Renderdoc waits for confirmation of Chrome’s gpu port. And it ‘works’ by google opening after clicking OK on the popup dialog - while Renderdoc passes to the injection interface. I have disabled browser extensions just now. Still no luck. I have tried with 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1

I’ve tried to get this to work on a GTX1060 and am running into similar problems.
Any tips on how to work around this or is the only solution forking out for another
graphics card?

Similar issues here from what I gather. Basically, as soon as I go back to Chrome after hooking RenderDoc on it, RenderDoc goes back into the injection screen (where you select what process you’d like to inject to)

I tried this on the pc at work which has the RTX 2070 and it works a treat,
so you can add that one to the list. Still feels that the list of cards on which
it doesn’t work is longer than the one on which it works. The GTX1060
should be powerful enough to handle it.