Goz for blender 2.8

Hey i can understand that, zbrush is a bit confusing at first:D you can delete the cube in the subtool section.

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Working to install gob and have hit, what seems to be an explained problem. The explanation isn’t working for me, though.
I can get Blender to ZB2021 but not back. When I try to do the reinstall of gob I get no entry for blender in the list of goz-capable apps.
I believe I am missing something about scripts from the addon going inside the zb folder. Can anyone shed some light on the needed file structure, please?

Thank you so much. Of course the answer was that simple haha.
I got one more question…
My model from daz has UV maps and textures for different parts of her body. However when I import her into zbrush and export her back into blender, all her material slots are using the same material. Is that normal lol?

you have that model first in blender with different materials and then send it to zbrush and when you send it back to blender you end up with 1 material?
I think i have not tested that so it might be what happens at the moment


Got it. Neat plugin. Thanks.

Hey @kromar, I just wanted to download GoB but your git links are down - 404.

this link should work, maybe one of the links i posted does not exist any longer.

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Thanks, did not realize it is the link.

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I got my hands on a Mac and was able to fix the path issues.
If you are on a mac OS please give this new version a try and let me know if you got any issues