grass in cycles

hi everyone :wink: i tried to create a Scene with rocks and grass in cycles, and now i Need some Input to improve the Scene…


That looks really nice! In my opinion, the only thing you should change is the pile of stones on the ground, they look quite obviously like an image texture. I think those are the only things preventing your render from starting to enter into the photorealism status :D!

It looks good. There does seem to be an issue of maybe a little stretching of the texture of the pile of rocks.

Pretty good, but let me give some tips. First, you need a bit more depth of field to make it look less flat. Also, the leaves and grass, especially on the tree to the left, look incredibly fake. They need to have a bit of translucency to them. Light passes through those objects in real life, and it actually is really easy to add a bit of translucency anyways :slight_smile: (I’m sure you could get it by using a mix shader or something if you’re using cycles).

But yeah. It’s pretty good :slight_smile: Like the other posters said, the rock texture also needs some work, but good first render! :slight_smile:

Thanks or your reply, here is the 2nd render

Hmm. I still think the tree on the right needs more translucency. The leaf Cora are way too uniform to look realistic.

@ Anduin, thanks for your tips^^ i added some transluency to the grass and leaves from the beginning, but probably the factor is to low…
And just to explain… the second Picture was postet bevor you replied, but because im a newbie in here (less than 10 post) my post is checked by a mod before ist shared, so it takes its time… in the 2nd Image i just changed the ground Settings without changing the grass and leaves materials, im working on it right now^^

I feel like the composition is very flat; there is hardly any sense of depth or scale at all.

The blades of grass also seem oddly large, which doesn’t help. Specifically, maybe try making the strands smaller and messing with the focal length/camera angle to get a more dynamic scene going.

I think your materials are coming along quite well, but I agree that the tree on the right seems to be absorbing too much light.

I’d say it’s not far from looking really excellent! Good luck.

I added some DoF and changed the transluency value at the grass and leaves material, i guess it Looks a bit better now…
I also changed the Color of the light source to a less yellowish Color.

Looks very good. I like the hint of moss on the center rock. The trees are looking much better as far as translucency. Did you use the sapling plugin to create these tress or did you hand do them?

I still agree that the grass looks unnaturally tall and is fairly sparse. Try using a solidify modifier on your grass and up the amount of grass you have. You might also want to look into adding more variation to your grass. I have a WIP somewhere on this forum called four seasons, also in the focused critique section. A lot of great tips were given that you might find useful. But all in all I like this. I am unsure of the composition. It isn’t my strong suite yet.

@ loonatik503
thanks for your tip, very useful! i didnt think about adding a solidify mod! so i treid it, made the grass shorter and increased the amount.
heres the result:

P.S. i used arbaro to create the trees and imported them as a .obj file into blender

Nice work! However I think that the grass was better before. Now it’s too uniform.

The only little thing I would change is the horizon line. Lower the edge of the emitting plane so that the camera don’t see it any more. Right now, it’s quite obvious that there’s nothing beyond the trees.

Looking better with the shorter grass, but I think it may be too short now LOL. Look into adding color variations to the grass as well as some random long or tall pieces throughout. Also you can weight paint the plane and have a group of taller grass around the large rocks and the tree trunks. add in some weeds too. This will help with the uniformity of the current grass.

And the next one, it will be the last Picture i post in here, thank you all for your tips, very use- and helpful^^

Very Nice…

Next thing i’d work on is adding some dust or fog some kind of volumetric effect to help eat up the vibrant colors in the distance to help with the depth of field effect i’m not sure how much of that is available in cycles yet i’m sure some one would have an idea to due it but i could probably be done with the z buffer and texture adding in the compositor

Maybe tone your lighting a little more to the yellow orange

added some mist to it

Looks more like find dust to me. You were better off without it.

When in the World node section there is a Sky Texture node (in Textures), it has the basic turbidity setting. I’ve seen this used by plugging it into a colour mix node as the mix factor, before going into the Background node, but i’m not sure if that’s the correct way to use it…


I like the new difference of colours for the grass, however i’d use more than just a single hair plugin, it’s rare to only find a single type of grass in the wild. Also by the nooks of the rocks you’ll get a build up debris, so the grass will grow differently, generally longer.

I also liked the earlier shots where the tree on the right was a different colour (darker), it looks a different type of tree to the the central one, now I feel they are almost identical in colour.

To lessen the flatness i’d lower or remove the use of AO.

Judging by the sky, I wouldn’t expect mist…

Are you working from reference?


thanks for your reply. im working without reference. guess i have to create a lot more types of grass to put in the secene…