Grease Pencil Merge in Blender 2.8


(English is not my native language) #202

Antonio implemented Glow Shader FX (still WIP):

(Ace Dragon) #203

Is there a way to remove that offset from the source of the glow?

Nice to see Antonio’s continued effort to improve on the functionality (even though he has full right to take a break due to what’s already been done).

(English is not my native language) #204

Not yet. Maybe some way to choose the position is planned for later (like Shadow effect).

(Thornydre) #205

Don’t know if it has been mentionned here, but now you can invert the order of the list for the layers for example :

(Thinking Polygons) #206

About time.
I hope the next step will be to change (fix?) the super cumbersome way of duplicating materials.

(julperado) #207

Glad to see there’s some common sense about the 2D workflow :smiley:

(Sago) #208

Forgive me if this has been answered already, but is there a way to set the 3D cursor while in Draw mode? When using the 3D cursor as stroke placement, a quick way to change the cursor’s position would be nice. So without having to change to Object Mode.

If it’s not available yet, would a 3d cursor tool in the Draw Tool bar be possible?

(Thinking Polygons) #209

Why are they still discussing something so obvious? Ofc the standard order should come enabled by default.

(Charlie) #210

If you think about the modifier stack list as a sequence from start to finish then top (start) to bottom (finish) makes sense. For GP, layers are also top to bottom so that makes sense too, just needs to be rendered in the opposite order. Seems nonsensical to flip the lists. I agree with Brecht on this one.

(Thinking Polygons) #211

Finally. :slight_smile:


Well done devs. :v:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #212

GP and Annotate are really cool now. Well done devs!

One feature request: Can we have a text tool? Sometimes it’s faster to just type something with your keyboard than to write it out freehand. Especially for the Annotate tool, but also for GP.

(zeauro) #213

Text editor is able to convert a text into a 3D object.
This 3D object allows to control location, Font choice, spacing etc…

IMO, the way requiring minimal effort to have text as a GP object or Annotation would be to convert such 3D object to GP strokes.
I think that is more interesting to have objects conversion (GP Object/Layer/Stroke to Mesh/Curve + Mesh/Curve/Text to GP Object/Layer/Stroke) than just a text tool with less options than 3D text object.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #214

Too much fuss. Sometimes you just want to actually annotate something with the annotate tool. Doesn’t have to be pretty, just legible and quick.

(zeauro) #215

I was just explaining that from my point of view, there is no need to create a new tool.
User can create quick text with 3D object and default font.
Place it where he want to see it because it is a 3D object that he can grab and just do a conversion to have it as an annotation instead of 3D object.
It would not be terribly slower.

What is sure is that a minimal text tool, just not require ability to type text but also to place it at a non distracting location.

The question is just what requires less work for the devs. If a new text tool is easier to maintain for devs than conversion. I have no problem with adding one.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #216

No, it’s really a question of what is easier to use for the users. If maintenance was ever the primary concern, we’d still be using DOS.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #217

I imagine it’d use the same placement method as drawing with the Grease Pencil. You know. Draw some arrows, type “This needs a fix!”, you’re done. Nothing fancy. Doesn’t need to be its own object type. You want to get rid of it, you use the eraser.

(zeauro) #218

You also need display overlays, highlighting to show that you are typing the text ( a little textbox, a cursor, etc…).

(Piotr Adamowicz) #219

Yup. Sure.

(zeauro) #220

You already have that in 3D text object edit mode.

By typing this sentence, I just realized that a simple conversion solution will freeze the annotation text.
User would be forced to delete annotation if he just want to edit it and keep a useless 3D object in blend file.
We could type a text in text editor and use it at a reference to display as annotation.
But it would make the annotations spamming other textblocks list.

So, I suppose that a text tool would be less painful.

(Zinogg) #221

i got question where is the Grease Pencil “Convert to geometry” option and insert/delete blank frame? the only way you can do it now is with the search or hotkeys…i hope they are not scraped for good.