Long time without posting, so here are some stuff.

Just wanted to reproduce the overall atmosphere of some old public greenhouses in Liège.

Rendered with Octane

I mainly used HDR maps for lighting and sunlight for few images.
Some postpro for lighting.

There are many images, sorry for the heavy load.


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Amazing! It looks totally realistic !!!
how long did that teke :wink:

yes, wonderful stuff! i especially like the evening / dusk renders.

Ooo, pretty! You put my stuff to shame. BTW, how long did the renders take in octane? I’ve been looking at external renderers that would be viable for animation.

Wow, those look AMAZING!

These are renders? 0_0 WOW. Amazing modeling and texturing you have done here. Im speechless…

This is amazing! Looks photorealistic, and you definetly captured the atmossphere!

ok how long have you been with blender, and how long did this project take you to finish. because I’m in shock of how good these are.

That’s a s**t load of awesome images.
That’s a hell lot of modeling you did there :slight_smile:

It is possible to see that it’s fake from some images.
But using bevel on your objects would tottaly fix that.

I really got nothing bad to say about this. So much detail and atmosphere, the texturework must have been immense.
The bench scene is the shot I love the most. It makes me feel there is a story to the place.
I have been dying to find time and model some environments for a while, for practice. And when I’m done it’s this good I want it to turn out.

I really had to look these images twice to be sure that they are not real photos. Amazing work there!

Good job, very photo realistic, im expecting it to be in the forum gallery soon

WOWWW!!! this is amazing!!
do you have a full dvd’s of textures?
how long the render times?
wireframe pleaseeeeeee!!

until I see the wireframe for me those are pictures!!

If I saw in a photography magazine I would not question authenticity.

WOW… i’m speechless, amazing work! i would love to see some wires, and maybe let us know how long it took. i really need to experiment with external renderers.

Enrico, you rock!!! All this images are amazing!!! Gallery, please!!!

Made a very realistic! superb job man… congratulation!!!

Great work, gratz.

Thanks to all for your kind words.

It’s indeed a huge work and still far from being finished, I could put at least the same amount of time and still have a lot to do :wink:
Modelling took me a while, this is a project I started some times ago and I worked on it from time to time, so quite hard to say what I finally spent in it.

About texturing, I used a lot of photos I took there to make the required textures and I also used several high quality maps from

About rendering time, well it really varies from one image to another. The images were rendered in 1920 wide for landscape and 1200 height for portrait, for day images some just took 30min, some other cooked for about 3hours. Night scene require more of course, about 7hours which is still very acceptable.

great atmosphere.sheer poetry!without people,and with detoriation the buildings start to exist in their own realm -like trees.