Grid Modeler - draw on grids => mesh

Hello :grinning:
You want to create mesh easily with perfect scales and alignment ?

This new addon let you draw shapes on the grids !!
This tool show snapping grids and you draw shapes,
then Boolean Cut / Boolean Slice them ! You can also create new face !

Grid size can be adjusted, grid plane can be larger than selected face (draw on outside of the face)

You can even copy and paste the shapes ! :smile:
Shape Functions : array copy, rotate, scale, flip, bevel, etc

Quick demo videos on Youtube :

Gumroad for Grid Modeler :

Official website :

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks neat :slight_smile: - will this work on subdivision surfaces or non-flat areas?

Thank you! It support drawing on single flat face.

Cool tools, you are on the right track. I am looking forward to your next addon :wink: :+1:


Is it possible to use the grid to add and align meshes? Or maybe it’s a planned feature?
It would be cool if users could to use the grid to perfectly position objects/meshes/shapes…

It would also be cool to use the grid with curves (or with Flexi Bezier Tool)

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Thank you ! :sunglasses:

I will consider this, it is not a complex function to write, but the workflow must be well designed (how to select other objects, how to select alignment edge, then how to select grid, the orientation when pasting, etc etc…)
I will try to make curve ! :smile:


I found a bug or something odd in this situation below. I can’t seem to stop or i have to end where i started to cut i guess? Also it leaves “corrupt” or floating geo/invalid geo left over then.

I see, it is known issues. The blender’s fill faces api is not good for all cases… Please try “triangles” fill mode, or create new face mode. (update to latest 1.2.0)

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I am trying to find the alternative library to fill faces (instead of blender’s api)

For now, if you want to cut on the border, you may use boolean method.
Create new face -> Extrude -> then Boolean subtract

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I added a new “Boolean Cut” mode, update 1.3.0 released :smile:
Now you can boolean cut at the border, no problem!



Awesome, thank you!

Maybe found another bug, but what do you think?
Since the grid is offset from the selection, not really fitting it?


Numpad Enter:
Do you think you might add Enter on the Numpad as a valid button to Confirm?

Also possibly letting the user hit backspace to remove the last added point/cut? So if you click once, then click to add a second point and want to re-adjust that, you can hit backspace, to backup /remove the last one?

Shift + Numbers:
Possibly holding Shift and typing numbers for Circle Shape Segments or Grid Segments?

Edit: 2nd bug / error

Also possibly having an option or default method to keep the gizmo scale relative to the screen?
So as you zoom in or out, it stays the same size?

So you don’t end up with something like this? If that makes sense/ seems worth it anyways.
Kind of minor thing, but thought I’d mention.

You can use “Ctrl + Left Click” to manually select your alignment edge.
So when you are drawing on multiple faces, you may Ctrl Left Click the border edge to set it.

You can use Ctrl + Z to remove/undo the last point added. :grinning:

For the number input things, I will try to research it (blender key event system is a bit complex)

About the cross size, it is good suggestion.

One known issues is that, if you zoom too close , it may have problem
it is because of the stability problem of floating point numbers (3D location is Vector, if two Vectors are very very close, and their number is very close, sometimes it cause error)

I am still finding solution for it :smile:
my suggestion is that, scale up the model and draw grid on it. It will be much stable.

This looks very promising, similar to how sketchup works …!

Now it is easier to work on ngons :smiley:

Recent update and improvements :
Here is the summary of recently updates.

  1. You can use Circle tool (C key toggle) to create different shapes. The number of sides can be changed by Shift + mouse wheel, so 3 sides = triangles, 4 sides = square, and then pentagon, hexagon, too!

  1. Multiple faces support : now you can select co-planar faces, and use the tool, draw on top of them, then cut, no problem! For example, select two or three n-gons, and cut new shape over them.

  1. Improved cross cursor, now it scale well to grid size and correctly aligned

  2. Improved grids area, now the grids area cover all selected faces

  3. Fixed bug for Ctrl + Click, now it only rotate the grid alignment, does not affect the area

  4. New way for internal storage, improved overall stability.

  5. When you zoom very close and use very small grid size, now it works correctly.

Now you can draw very small and crisp details easily.

Enjoy :slight_smile: