Grid Modeler - draw on grids => mesh

Update Version 1.7.3 ! :smile:

-Now you can shift your grid plane to any vertex !

When you Ctrl + Click an edge to set it as alignment edge, sometimes you want to shift the plane along the alignment edge to match its end point, now you can do it !

Now you can Shift key + Click on a vertex, it will shift the grid plane to match the vertex position, so that vertex will be on grid line!

let say you are using an alignment edge now, but it does not fit well.
before this update, you have to switch to Relative Size mode for good fit.

Now you can Shift + Click a vertex on its end, it will shift grid lines to that vertex!

Enjoy :slight_smile:



Another suggestion - currently Grid modeller is disabled in vert mode. Is it possible to enable it when there is at least 3 verts selected? So the grid aligned to the plane that formed with this 3 verts and centered to geometrical median of corresponding “virtual triangle”. Verts can be from different mesh islands, with different orientations, etc

Will be really handy too, to add “construction faces” between different parts of the mesh in “GRIDly” manner!


And an offset (the drawings) please! I do not know how difficult is to implement such a function but it would be a great enrichment, for sure!

Hello! It is a very creative idea! Let me think about it (technically):slight_smile:


Hi ! Do you mean creating an offset from selected shape ?

Hey there. I have two suggestions. 1. Could you make it so that two shapes can be combined into one like a boolean? It would also be cool if you can save custom shapes.

  1. Can you make it so that you can draw circles and custom shapes from end to end instead of from a center point? You know, like the selection box, but drawing shapes.
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Hello! For your suggestions, the first one has been discussed with other users before too!
I want to do that, but need to solve some technical problems.
For second one, I will refine shapes drawing in future. It is planned after I solve some core problem first. (eg: the first one, 2d boolean problem). But I think rectangle-drawing can be done soon!

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Yes. Someone can use such a feature for a multitude of modeling tasks.

But grid modeler does not support shape with hole yet, does it less useful ? :sweat_smile:

Do you mean working on a surface/face that has holes or that grid modeler does not make holes? Or something else?

I do not want such a feature for making directly holes but for making mainly face-shapes for extruding them and make, afterwards, the needed work by using the regular boolean tools of Blender.

Grid modeler’s precise way of drawing shapes can be a very useful means for producing such face-shapes also. :slightly_smiling_face:

And… of course, Grid modeler is superb as it is now too, no doubt! :smiley:

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Thank you so much! :smile: Now grid modeler cannot store 2d hole-shape yet (the data structure), but I am trying to improve it after all (along with 2d boolean thing). So may be later :slight_smile:

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I mean currently you cannot put a shape inside another shape (you can, but they are separated, not hole).

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Recent works :slight_smile:


Updated Version 1.7.5 ! :slight_smile:

  • Now you can hold Shift key and click to select multiple shapes !
    Just hold Shift key when you select shapes, it will add selected shape to selection!

  • Now you can press H key to view full key reference on screen !

Press H key (works in both normal mode or selection mode)

You can mouse-scroll up and down to read, or you can press Arrow Up/Down key !

Enjoy ! :slight_smile:


Update Version 1.8.0 !! :smile:
This is a Huge Update !

  • Now you can rotate your grid plane by 90 degree !!
  1. Set an alignment edge. You can draw a construction line (Y key), then set it as main edge (Ctrl + click),

  2. Then you can press P key to rotate plane !! You can rotate it back by P again !

Enjoy !! :sunglasses:


What do you mean by ‘main edge’? What the usefulness of such a thing can be?

Just asking because I did not be able to understand its use…

I mean alignment edge (Ctrl + Click an edge or a construction line).
Please see it :slight_smile:


Demo 2


Nice Update :slight_smile:

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