GroupPro, group instances made easy


(bondnaruto) #81

Thanks for super faster response, i will test the fix. Hope everything will be fine!

(OLST) #82

It looks very interesting! I like Sketchup style workflow
Is there any Black Friday sales for GroupPro? ))

(JoseConseco) #83

Yep, if you follow those links you will get addons with discount (I give few links for people interested in other addons)
About sketchup - that was the main influence, and GP works with sketchupToBlenderaddon (that means, after importing sketchup models, they can be edited in blender with GP).

(OLST) #84

Thank you for such quick reply!
Unfortunately when i am clicking Group Pro link, BatchtoolsBaker opened instead for some reason
Compatibility with GP with Sketchup - thats sounds awesome!

(JoseConseco) #85

Fixed the link.

(OLST) #86

I’ll check it one more time,
Now it works fine! Thank you,Jose.
Couple questions if you don’t mind

  1. Is it works exactly like in sketchup ? Groups, Components, Make unique option.
    I mean i used similar addon (Non destructive joining/grouping addon)
    but i get a lot of troubles with this instead. So I uninstall it
    So before purchase it I’ll be glad to be sure that this addon works fine and stable without surprises, hope for your understanding))
  2. Is there any conflicts with another known addons?
    As I read there is some issues with asset manager? Is there any news according to this topic?
    Thank you

(JoseConseco) #87

Quick intro viedo about addon:

This addon is using Group Instances and it is not only for grouping objects, but grouping then in recursive way (you can put group A, inside group B, inside group C). Any changes to any instance of lets say Group B will be reflected on other instances.
About ‘asset manager’ I have made some changes to their code that made it possible to save assets made with GP into AM. There is no problem with working with both of these addons, it is just, for now, AM dosen’t support saving assets made with GP.
Anyway you can get the addon, test it, and if you don’t like (but you will :D), you can ask for refund.

(Pitiwazou) #88

Works with AM, we will update the addon soon :wink:
Thx to JoseConseco for that !

(OLST) #89

Ok, man, you won! I’ll purchase it NOW! :smiley:
I hope this addon will cure my pain :smiley:
Especially with connection with sketchup - it sounds very promising
Thank you!

(OLST) #90

This moment, I believe, would be one of the greatest moment in my blendlife!! :smiley:

(actimelvanille) #91

hey guys.
merry christmas first of all :slight_smile:

what currently annoys me in blender is that i cannot apply modifiers on linked objects… what i would expect is that blender simply applies the modifiers on all instances.
is it the same with your addon or can i apply for example a mirror modifier in a group and the modifier is applied in all other groups as well?

(JoseConseco) #92

By default GPro propagate updates being made on modifiers in one group, to all other group instances in realtime (this is how blendeers group instances work). So yes it will work the way you want it to work

(shevchenkoserj) #93

so in the title main description of a strange behavior. it makes me sad. :(i hope you cane improve it

into the link archive with gif animation shows the behavior of an object and the blend file (to attache all of it here was impossible because an error)

(JoseConseco) #94

I hope this fix will make you happy shevchenkoserj :slight_smile:
I think this problem was caused by gimaball lock. I fixed it by converting object inside group rotation mode to quaternions.

(shevchenkoserj) #95

Whoa, no i feel myself much more calmer. thx a lot))) bthw did u hear about new layer system in 2.8? how do u think would it be native solution for instances of objects?

(JoseConseco) #96

It is step in right direction, but the workflow with group instances is still not smooth as it could be, eg in 2.8:

  • can’t edit group in place (you are always taken into group original position, rotation, but still better than 2.7 series , where you had to search for original group manually),
  • afaik, you still can’t bake groups instances into textures,
  • no way to make (sub)groups instances unique,
  • no way to split group into subgroups (make duplicate reals - always splits group with all nested subgroups into atomic object parts).
  • I do not see way to isolate edited group, or its parents like in GP. This helps a lot in complex scenes.
    It is hard to tell, how much work will go into developing Group instances in 2.8, maybe devs will address some of those issues.

(shevchenkoserj) #97

Hello friend! I am again whith broblems)) what can i say may be it is my credo - to finding all possible problems))) SO the problem is in origin. Maybe it is impossible to fix, anyway if im hitting ctrl+alt+shift+C=origin to geometry it works fine, but the geometry moves from their posisions after im open ghe goup. it would be grait if u fix it. i really hope to.
PS to last your reply: do tried to communicate whit developers to somehow add your addon to the blender and make this functionality more native i will vote for that whit bothe my hands. im shured that its really important feature.:eyebrowlift:

(JoseConseco) #98

Moving origins work only from GP menu (defautl ctrl+x) - ‘Set Group Origin’->centar. Using build-in blender ctrl+shift+alt+c won’t work , because addons can’t override existing blender operators, so I create custom ones.

(bondnaruto) #99

Hi, can somebody help me? i have a lot of groups in scene, every of that groups have some groups inside. How can i open all groups and subgroups in one click? I have these situation very often and every time choose - edit group, edit group… it takes too much time…
BTW and then i choose Close Grope a lot of time for every group and subgroups in the scene…It make my life very hard:(

(JoseConseco) #100

How about using shift+R - to repeat last action?