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(JoseConseco) #121

That looks good. I will check these When I’m back home but I was wondering about remaking pies for GP. After adding recent changes they started to look cluttered ( especially Open (all) , close (all). There was idea to make Open button show (all) - suffix only when shift key is pressed, but afaik it is impossible to do (unless I would add some background callback waiting detecting shift key - and then changing text…).

Delete - it deletes objects from group - otherwise they will stay in scene (as group instace) , so this button has be there somewhere.

(JoseConseco) #122

ok, pitiwazou - I watched your changes and they look way better and give better workflow than it is now.
I would group delete and cleanup, move it to bottom of bottom pie and add space like bondnaruto mentioned - it should not be that big.
I will probably remove (all) suffix from open and close - they make the buttons less readable (I will leave shift click behavior in description).
pitiwazou - can you share your changes?

(Pitiwazou) #123

Ok, I’ll send you the file :wink:

(JoseConseco) #124

Thanks pitiwazu, I put you changes into GP plus some bugfixes:
Update 1.1.6:

  • updated ctrl-x pie (thanks to pitiwazou)
  • fixed - setting group origin (child of group would move, now they stay at place). Also made it work on multiple selected objects at once.
  • added - ‘Bounding Box Bottom’ option - for setting group origin at bottom center of group.
  • Ctrl+V - paste hotkey operator will now clean group objects automatically when pasting group into new blend file.
  • Shift + D - duplicate hotkey operator will now make new duplicate groups unique automatically. Use Alt+D for instancing groups.

I do not like idea of overriding blender default hotkeys, because if more people start to do this in theirs addon, thing may work in unexpected ways, but for now I implemented the hotkey overrides anyway.

(bondnaruto) #125

Brilliant interface update and bugfix is amazing , thanks pitiwazou and JoseConseco of course:) You can hit me, but i have some suggestions about button location optimization…:slight_smile: First of all, i think menu must appear more quickly, like was earlier, a little space between buttons look great thats why i have some suggestions about it

(Pitiwazou) #126

I prefer the right side ^^

(bondnaruto) #127

Some weird GroupPro behavior in certain situation

Video example -
Blend file -

(JoseConseco) #128

I will check that, but no promises of fixing this bug. GP was never officially supporting animations, I think you were just lucky, that nothing broke in you earlier animations. One workaround would be to instead of editing your animated group directly, first crate instance of it - and work on clone…

(JoseConseco) #129

@bondnaruto - sorry for late repy. I noticed if you unparent broken elements (alt+p - clear parent), and then parent them back again to group it works ok. No sure why…

(bondnaruto) #130

In that scene this not working, but working just open and close group 2 times. Let’s assume for now that this is a mystery:)

(Arnaud Couturier) #131

I’m interested in your addon, but with Blender 2.8 coming soon, what is the roadmap?
I know 2.8 will have collections and no longer groups, but will GroupPro behave more or less the same as in 2.7, or will it become obsolete?

(JoseConseco) #132

I answered similar question in here:

I don’t use 2.8 too much so I’m not sure what are other improvements are in managing groups, but I do plan to update GP to 2.8. And fix parenting error, that happens 1% of time - but this may require reworking whole addon… Other that that I think GP is feature complete. But I always listen to suggestions and add new stuff, if it doesn’t complicate the UX too much.

(Arnaud Couturier) #133

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
Yes I saw your reply you quoted, but I wanted to know what exactly you think about GP and 2.8 specifically. I’m sure you’ll find ways to improve the collections workflow in 2.8 with GP :grinning: I’ll report any improvement I can think of. Keep it up!

(masterxeon1001) #134

great work on the update!

Group Pro continues to be the best group solution.