GSoC 2019 LANPR Updates Here!

@paulhart2 thanks again for the builds! Getting good use out of them.

And I’m not sure if this is more of a Grease Pencil or LANPR question, but does anyone know a good way to clean up all the overlapping little stroke fragments? Here’s my current GP lines with opacity turned down. You can see there’s tons of little extra fragments. (It also seems like there’s no way to set GP to have alpha not layer like this either.)

There is no solution. It is a Grease Pencil thing. You can only render strokes opaque and tweak render at compositing.

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While I continue to ‘build’ releases of LANPR and post them to I still have questions and dismay with the results that I am generating. I appreciate the obvious speed of LANPR, but miss the line customization that Freestyle offers. I have no idea how to eliminate the ‘XRay’ effect on this test image. Currently the line quality is not capable of variability. Do I have to figure out Grease Pencil options to get any line modification??

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Thanks for continuing the builds. I’m using them and not having any xray problems in CPU mode or GP bake.