H6 - Julietta (Automotive Concept Design)

This is a design I am working on for a car that will be built in real life. This will be a fully electric vehicle, reusing a Tesla platform.

The challenge is to design a 4 seater vehicle with enough space for 4 tall persons (about 6 feet), while still retaining a compact sporty feel.


Overall I think the shape is really nice. There’s something about the roofline that I’m not sure of, however. Maybe it’s the fact that the top of the door doesn’t follow the curve?

Also as someone who is roughly 6’ tall, getting into the back seat of that seems like it wouldn’t be fun. Are you committed to it being a coupe, or would you consider rear doors (even half-size)?

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Amazingly enough there’s more space in the back than it leads on to believe, but the shape and volumes are evolving as we speak. I’ll be sure to update the post with new pictures of the new body as it evolves based on client feedback.

Since this post, the car was shorteed a few inches, the profiles where refined, the wheels have been shrunk to fit real life tire and wheel sizes and the wheelbase was shortened by about 4 inches.


Looks better with the refinements.

I wasn’t thinking there wasn’t enough room in the back seat, but my concern is just that getting in and out of the back seat would be challenging. It is in any coupe of course, but the back seat seemed very “deep.” With the shorter wheelbase it might be better.

Very nice as usual, I can’t wait to see more progress, congratulations on the fact that it will be produced, this is a great goal.

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Yeah. It’s starting from the konigsegg Gemera dimensions, but obviously overtime is being modifed to fit this situation. A little Porsche inspired, a little Mercedes inspired. Pretty heavy challenge.

My “etching” style on the car is non destructive, so it’s nice to be able to change up the shape of a door panel, headlight or any other cuts in minutes

Thanks man!

Design changes and updates:

  • Updated surfacing around doors, hood, nose, roof, rear end over shape, side intakes and exhausts
  • The car will now be a 2 seater versus a 4 seat configuration
  • Wheelbase was shortened about 6.5 inches
  • Car length was shortend about 6 inches
  • Designing various rim packages for eventual final look of the car
  • Car will now move into next phase of exterior detailing and design


Now that you’ve done some refining, I’m not sure the air flow makes sense? Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about vehicle aerodynamics, but it would seem that in the latest, the air gets pulled in through the front grille, exits out in front of the door, then gets sucked back in behind the door? I’ve never seen both an intake and exhaust on the same side.

Also is this a mid-engine or front engine car?

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Pretty much. It’s actually done quite a bit. But yeah; the idea is that “dirty” air will exit out behind the front wheels, and over the hood scoop.

but cool air wrapping around the sides of the car will would make the most air into the back intakes. It would be a rear engine which usually involves a proper air intake and exhaust to equickly evacuate heat.

You could see the gemera, which is one of the cars this is inspired from, using the same features

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I’m not expert for aerodynamic, just like most people here. But such stuff see many times. Hot air from front brakes probably can not affect so much engine cooling, and engineers probably make some fins inside to disperse hot air or to direct them upward or downward, not directly in engine.
So, two passenger must use legs or public transport now? Well, be in back seat in such beasts is not pleasure, as far I know. Silhouette is very nice, do you plan back spoiler. Maybe some which can retract in body. This is not necessary, and can ruin silhouette , but many people love to see this.

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Appreciate it. I’ve been thinking about a spoiler and most definitely if I do it would have to retract into the body. The shape is so general and generic for now I can design it a bunch of different ways.

I’ve been working under guidance from a 3D modeler at Bugatti, so it’s been a challenge for sure to think about designing striking features that make the car work visually and still road worthy


progress shots. about ready to start detailing. Windows, exterior trim, grills, headlight design, taillight design etc. Then interior design. Redesigned backend


Do you have one in black :wink:
Seriously, can you make some render with black reflective material on glass panels, just to fake glass?
Your renders are great to study silhouette, shape… but peasants like me love to see something which are more close to final look.

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I appreciate that. I’ll see what I can get you as soon as I can. The glass of course will come later, but I think an all black car with a few angles is doable :wink:

Which Tesla is the base for this? Also, why so many air intakes on an electric car. Does it need that much cooling?

I take Venmo and Cash App :stuck_out_tongue:


This is actually based on the Konnisegg Gemera. It started Electric, but how the car is moving towards hybrid mid engine/electric as noted in the exhaust towards the back.