Hair, Glasses, and full body help (new user)

Hey guys, need a bit of clarification on a couple things.
So I’m using Blender for a project in school, and are trying to make a full model of myself.
I learned how to make my own head, but there’s a couple problems.
I’m using Keentools Facebuilder, because it makes it very simple and quick to make a detailed head, but there are 3 problems: I wear glasses, Harry Potter style, and I’m not sure how I would get them/make them, and how to put them on my character. It’s not necessary for my character to have them, but I think it would help the realism. 2, I have no idea how to actually make a realistic human BODY for my character, or where to find it. And 3, when I get said model, how would I find and put on clothes for them? If I had a nude model, I would get expelled.
If anyone could give me some advice, or link any resources, that would be a MASSIVE help.

You can use blendswap to find models of clothes, bodies, glasses, etc.

If you aren’t going to animate the character, could be as simple as just position the clothing model over the body you decide to use, then sculpt a bit to make the clothing fit a little better.

Oh, and you can use makehuman which allows you to export your model with clothing attached to the character already.

also, try youtube for plenty of tutorials on alternative methods with step by step instruction.

Thanks for all the great advice, I’m going to check them out!
1 more thing, if I wanted to pose my character in Gmod for example, using a ragdoll editor, do I have to find a specific model or do specific actions in order to have movable joints and get good positions?
I’m going to find out how to do hair by youtube, so I’ll see how that turns out.

I’m not familiar with gmod but did find this (older) link describing how to import a model into it.

As for the blender side of it, you want to rig your model.

It can sometimes be a pain.

There’s a very useful addon, but it costs money. You can do the same for free manually, but again, it can be a pain sometimes, especially for beginners. Another option is using mixamo’s free online tool.

So if you are going to animate/pose your figure, and u want to add clothes, maybe read over this thread and here’s a video to check out.

What I’d suggest ,if this is a school project and you don’t have much time, is just exporting from makehuman with clothes. It’ll be rigged and ready to animate. You won’t have your keentools head, of course. You can just stop there if time is an issue.

Otherwise, once you have your model in blender, you can replace your head mesh. If you don’t plan on animating the head with facial expressions, this doesn’t have to be too difficult, but you’ll have to do something called weight painting (described in links/vids above) which I think some find difficult to grasp when they start out.

Hopefully someone else can chime in with an easier guide or solution.

Thank you, I looked up makehuman and it seems like the PERFECT tool for me!
Thanks as well for the persistence, I’m a complete moron and these tips were very helpful and easy to follow!

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