HairNet Addon not working

Hello! I have been trying to use an ad-don called “HairNet”.

Here is a video it was used in.

However, whenever I try to install the ad-don, it shows up in my User Preferences, but doesn’t allow me to checkmark it. All I get is this message.


Thank you very much for any suggestions! :slight_smile:

This error usually comes up when you’ve installed the version for Blender 2.8 but are using Blender 2.79. Here is the link that should work for you:

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Thank you so much!! It finally works!!! :scream:
(Also I am sorry for my late response.)

My only questions now are why the hair does not follow the curve very well.

As well as why the hair changes directions when adding interpolated children hairs.


  1. Hair not quite following the guide. This looks like what happens when transformations haven’t been applied to one of the objects.Translations should be compensated for in the addon but I don’t believe that rotation and scale are. You may need to apply transformations before generating hair.

2)HairNet only works with the guide hair so switching to interpolated mode is controlled by Blender itself. I don’t know what could be causing a change of direction there. Does reversing the direction of the curve object make a difference?

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It looks like applying the transformations worked! I also experimented and figured out that It was easier to add children hairs in simple mode and then change those settings.

Although, I’m curious, is there a way I can have the hair return to its original position in a hair dynamics simulation?

I’m sure it’s possible to loop the dynamic hair animation, but it’s outside the scope of what HairNet can do for now. Maybe someday…

That’s okay! Thank you for your advice. :slight_smile: I’m sorry for the late reply.

@Jandals Hairnet latest version crashes all the time using Blender 2.83


Fibermesh doesn’t work in 3.0, just gives an error