Half Knife. Fast knife tool for Blender

I think that you can do one or the other (adding a paragraph at the top of all your python files OR simply adding a LICENSE.txt file).
Or both if you want…

In this case the last line in the GPL block makes no sense.
I have added both btw. As written on the GNU site.


Hi just got this addon and I’m having some issues with the constraints tool not being able to straighten, maybe I’m doing something wrong ?

and if possible could you add to the preferences a settings that allows constraints to always be on by default :slight_smile:

I love using this addon for cleaning up my topology from bool cuts so being able to have the constraints lock to an edge could be nice.

EDIT: It seems i was mistaken about how constraint in this tool is supposed to work that is my bad, for now i guess ill go back to using normal knife tool great work though :slight_smile:

Hi Artem! I just found out this tool - I think it looks great, but the only thing I would want from it would be a bigger display of information on what each hotkey does. Plugins such as MeshMachine and DecalMachine do this, where all the tools options are big and follow the mouse cursor, and it’s such a pleasure to use those tools for users who can’t remember every single hotkey of every custom tool they use.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on this, in case you’re still developing this tool. Will be looking out for this one :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m making a new feature. I called it “altitude tool”(correct me if name is unclear), you can press H after K and it does what you wanted to do. I think it’s needed.

a bigger display of information on what each hotkey does.

Hi! You mean make bigger font or something?

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That would be amazing i really love this addon, if the altitude tool could also have a prefrence option as well that would be so good would make my workflow go from ( K → Z → C → LM → LM → SPACE) to just ( C ).

would altitude work with no preview as well ? just snaps to what ever it is closes to ?

If this tool could do all of this honestly it’s worth more then $5 it saves so much time, i have payed more for tools i use WAY less.

Meant something like this :slight_smile: I find it so convenient when the instructions and toggles work like this. A lot of HOps tools work exactly like this too:

I have released a new version both on Gumroad and Blender Market.
Also you can find docs for a new feature here: