Halo 4 anyone? (Spoilers)

I was thinking right after the extra scene where masterchief gets in cryotube that they should make an extra game. Well how about we make a video of years into the future when the find master chief again just to please our ending needs. I am going to start working on the model if you guys have a good one I could improve just post.

i dont play halo, but this sounds like a good idea!

Ok work on the cryo tube if you google it it should come up. I’ll start working on the master chief. He is going to be hard. When your done I’ll need your help with him.

i hope this dosent generate any hate to me but i depsise halo…too overrated.

Soo why did you post here than? Did you do it just to annoy us? No I just kidding yeah you know halo is somewhat overrated for the features. I am hoping on making a demo of Halo 4 and asking bungie to change the game type to a perfect multiplayer clan battle type thing.

the thing is i can model good, so i would be of no use to you

sigh I have a friend who is going to do programming models is going to be big thing but now lets focus on movie. Besides anyone can help.

uh … ok what ever lol

if you need master chief blueprints i could get some
just ask and i´ll give them to u

AH dude that would deffinetly help me. Thanks dude!

here u go. they aren´t that good
i will see if i can improve them


lol you do that. No offense but there kind of not like him. Like they are but we want him to look like he did in halo 3.

im not sure i know what that looks like (i didn´t know there is a difference), but i´ll try

this should be better
please let me know if u need any other halo blueprints


Much better I was hoping for this
but that is good enough!

sorry if I was rude I didn’t mean to be by the way. Thankyou any help is greatly thanked.

cough Legendary ending shows him heading to a planet that loks like Marathon,
Bungie’s old game leading to the idea that Bungie may remake it’s old Marathon series, and that Ol’ John is 250 years in the past cough cough

Sorry, Ive got a cold…
But yes a very good idea, although I cant help because Im a Noob.

Ill be looking in to see the progress though.

Heck, buy the action figure if u want detail.

buy it for me this isn’t commercial yet.

for blueprints of the chief play the game just stand still then watch a replay pause it move the camera in as many spots desired and if you have online it goes to bungie.net so you can download it on the computer