Halo: Void

This is a halo game i have dreamed about making for a while, until this point, i figured i would do it in another software, but comparing the ease of this software for easy character control, object placement, and animation, i have decide to use blender game engine.

so far, i have some rudementery walking animation, a halo character, and a basic seen, i also made a horrible idle animation.

it is this idle position i am conserned about. I want the animation to look smooth, as though relaxed, but still a little stiff, as though still paying attention, can some one help me figure out how to go about this? feel free to download the .blend, but so far the game looks like this.

temp master chief.blend (4.81 MB)

note: i got the model from the master chief from the web, so he is not my own unique creation, but i did rig him.

cool, Where do you want to go with this game. It would be helpful if you would give more information to us or have a little more work done with the game. And anyways isn’t using that master chief model considered copyright? And wow the master chief model is high poly, but your animations are a little dry but good work so far

about copyright, as long as i don’t sell it i am in the clear, besides, i plan on selling the game to Microsoft, the producers of the halo series.

As far as where i want to go, first i want to make all the necessary features of a halo game: identical controls, identical layout, near identical weapons and characters. Then i want to make the maps according to my story idea, which i will explain below.

The story begins with master chief getting onto a small spacecraft, going past the planet Halo in order to use the slingshot affect. When master chief’s passes halo, he gets shot down by a alien vessel. Burning up in the atmosphere, master chief ejects out of the flaming hulk, doing a rapid dive, until moments from impact, when master chief activates a shield, and crouches. BOOM! master chief pounds down on the ground with hardly a scratch. so master chief is now stranded on Halo…

this is as far as i have thought through the details, i have a good idea of what i want to happen next though. also, that whole seen will be a beginning animation.

Less story format:
lower-poly animation, gam play-ish view
*hears aliens approaching
*hides in ship

*game play begins
*mission objective: eliminate the enemies
*mission description: this is something of a training exercise, the enemies will be weak and slow, able to do little damage.
*after mission complete, new mission: locate nearest structure, which is pulled into view temporarily.
*upon arrival: destroy all aliens.
*in the center of the building, you see an alien pinning down some people who are in a defensive corner.
*after killing the enemies, you speak with the people, who turn out to be UNSC forces.
*UNSC forces tell you that this is deep in enemy territory, and that he is likely to die before escaping halo.

you can now see where i am going…

*at somepoint, the chief finds out that the aliens are working on a device that would create a black hole, this project is called: project void.

could anyone tell me a little bit of detail on the control format? accounting of course, for the keyboard, rather than a controller. also, should this be fps, or is the way i have it right now better?

Cr*p, i forgot to save recently, i lost my aiming animation and i lost my improved idle animation.

i am going fps, mostly because i was avoiding it because i would have to redo my animations… but since i have to redo them anyways, i might as well make it an fps. i will need help… i realize that… so i will be making a thread in the team project section. please post on my thread there to help.

Do you realize how difficult and long it would take you to make a game of halo’s standards? Not only that but a project like this is nearly impossible by yourself. I don’t know why Microsoft would need to buy a game like this though. I am sorry but chances of Microsoft releasing this as a new halo game, really slim. What I would reccomend you do is start off with smaller projects maybe making several smaller games and work yourself bigger. Good luck

Not gonna lie but copyright is copyright. As in only they have the right to copy it and you’d need explicit permission to use it. Seeing as your just making a game with no real following or notoriety I doubt anyone would press charges though. Yeah, and good luck with that, seriously. It’s hard work but with a lot of time anyone could do it.

OK, so you take “my” game idea, make your own version and sell it back to me, only a hundred times slower and a few times less polished…
Tell, me, why do you think Microsoft would want to buy your game?
If you really plan on getting into the game industry, then I advise you to make an original game! An original idea, shows that you can produce something by yourself. You may do Halo - Void for your own training/learning purpose, but you should prepare a game to make once you’ve learn your way!
In any case, good luck!

first off. i am planning on writing to microsoft for permission to make the game without them pressing charges… second off, i was exagerating how far i want to go, i don’t plan on completely reaching halos standards… thirdly, i am not planning on doing it alone, because i need help to be able to figure out how to do this.

Great! It’s faster/easier to start your own game (be it inspired from halo, could be Ring, Torus, Cylinder, etc) it will not have as much attention as halo, but at least will be yours completely.
If you have difficulties in modelling, texturing, animating, programming yourself, I advise you focus on learning those. For If you are beginning, few people will join you and stick with you, so, for a long time you’ll be a lone wolf!
That said, I wish you the best, and if you need any advise, or help, don’t hesitate in asking!