Hard Ops Thread

well I know him…personally…I and Julio carginin…developed this… though his contribution was more…

Uhh … I’m sorry, if yoy don’t mind. :anguished:
I just wanted to suggest improvements to Union functionality.
That’s not what I wanted to publish.
I have decided that this is a sensitive issue, so I will delete the link.

It still doesn’t work from some angles…
I wish I could fix it somehow.

No…don’t do this…please keep it here …It is not a sensitive issue

Please don’t delete your post, it’s a great suggestion. Better if the post responding and stirring the pot was deleted.

mai apko seriously nhi leta hu

Thank you. I’m glad to hear that.
I was wondering if I should post a link to a Twitter video without permission, so I will replace it with my own Gif. :sweat_smile:

i get what youre sayin. Das not a bad idea. I could see a destructive version utilizing a vgroup of the rim alone but thats a good idea.

Two legos connect…

It is the same DT cut’s cousin which I told u about…Julio did it by just a modifier stack…if u want it i will give u the stack and settings…it was non destructive

This is an English language forum, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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Happy Friday!


thanx for implementing that

timestamp : 13:07

Boxcutter video

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As per ST3’s call for requests for MultiTool… :wink:

For select I’d like to see a ‘Select by Planar Angle’ function. I miss this from Max. Yes, we have this in Blender with Select>similar>co-planar>set the threshold, but it would be a nicer workflow to have a dedicated tool with mouse wheel angle increments.

For the MultiTool modeling features, I’ve been using the amazing Polyquilt addon a lot lately, and honestly, it will take a lot to lure me away from the functionality offered there.

For me, one of it’s best features is that it gives me Max Swift Loop tool in Blender.(in Max though, SL also has a hold shift to insert loop with set flow)

Max Swift Loop:


some dreams take a while to come together but i have high hopes for operator draw.


People of CAD community will definitely find it useful …


I have a problem with auto hide N and T panels. It not hiding N panel or hides then unhide or just unhide when closed :woozy_face:

it’ll be checked into. It has shown to have issues with unique configurations.


hardops could do this before? Or I didn’t understand something https://youtu.be/xURxPGdAbjg

things get fixed.