Hard Ops Thread

Would it be possible to allow the poly debug tool to be hotkeyable ? :slight_smile:

Finally! Thanks!

you can hotkey all keys manually
since we register under hops the autohotkey button will be missing



debug display is also at the top head of hopstool this moment.

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Awesome thanks @rrtk, @masterxeon1001! :slight_smile:

#hardops 986_6 out now. Happy friday!


(2.8)BoxCutter 717_18 out now.
This version improves grid, alignment and dots on a massive level.
“friday comes early due to the size of the release”

After installing the new version 7.17.18 it says in the preferences under Shape “Error (see Console)”.

In the console, the list becomes infinitely long.

I deleted the Boxcutter folder under C:\users…\AppData\Roaming\Blender…\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\ before installation.

should be resolved on (2.8)BoxCutter 717_18a

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It worked, thx.

I was watching your latest release video and noticed you were struggling a bit with align to nearest edge. It seemed like you were getting a bunch of seemingly random alignment results.

I figured it may have something to do with the hidden triangulation. I’m not sure if that’s actually the case but after slapping a triangulate modifier (default settings) on top, I am able to get 100% accurate cuts while cutting with the wireframe visible.

you might have a point there.