Hard Ops Thread

Yeah, sometimes you get lucky.

You’ll have to re-arrange the logic or do another raycast if you want to only do it if set to View because the first raycast never happens.

Thanks. I will dig into that only once I decide I really need to do Object aligned cuts in ortho views often, as right now it’s not the case. Right now I am really happy with how it works. :slight_smile:

is there a way for a bevel to be applied inversely?

is there a way to apply a non-destructive bevel to be applied only to an edge?

Not sure what you mean but perhaps try pressing p during Bevel? That’s the closest thing I can think of to an inverse bevel.

Edit mode, select your edges, hold CTRL before clicking Mark. (listed in the tooltip if you hover over Mark)

thanks obsurveyor

is there a way to control the angle of a chamfer?

is there a way to limit a chamfer on the edge of another chamfer?

I found a reverse bevel tutorial

Will ‘auto orientation mode’ became an option sometime? Auto swithcing looks cool, always find miself changing mentioned modes back and forth…

Oh, that reverse bevel:

Also, you should go through:

you know how to answer these two questions:

is there a way to control the angle of a chamfer?
angle other than 45 degrees

is there a way to limit a chamfer on the edge of another chamfer?


Can you answer the questions in this topic?


As I said in the other topic, HOps being slow is not likely to be an issue with the addon, as you can pile multiple booleans and still have smooth viewport action. I have put up a blend there for you to test, if it is slow, then the culprit is your system, if not, then likely the culprit is your scene.

Check on vanilla with only Hops installed

but is there any context where Hardops/Boxcutter is slow?
I have a sphere here where the addon is very slow

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Post blend files or at least show wireframes.

follow file

as you can see I’m also not able to use booleans with much quality
vertices appear throughout the model

example.blend (3.4 MB)

I dunno what’s going on there, you don’t have a cutter collection, BoxCutter creates a specific collection for the boolean objects. Your object has 16 boolean in it, so that will take some time to process, however, even with a heavy file transfer in hte background, i can move around the viewport fine. However, if you are trying to move the object, then yes, you are going to get issues as it’s having to calculate shifting the object, the impact of the booleans as they shift, so you can’t avoid lag.

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HOps 00987_Francium_18 out now.

Happy friday.

Last time, view dice was introduced along with geometric replacement.

View dice rotate

view dice line

cleanui from 2.79 has also been remade as simplify. Allowing users to simplify the 3d view.


He’s also using copies of the object with 16 booleans still on them as cutters. Those modifiers should probably be applied too. I messed with the file for a bit and it is a little strange why it’s so slow, even applying all the modifiers you can. I’ve never seen that problem with the addon and the funky arrangement of the collections makes me think there’s something else going on. Maybe a video from scratch would help determine the workflow that’s causing it.

in fact i just copied and pasted this model in a new file , of smaller size , to be able to post here .

about the quality of the clippings?
what do I do ?

do I subdivide the two objects that are included in the Boolean operation?

Yeah, something definitely odd with it!