Hard Ops Thread

When I am developing my own scripts, I often have to use the “reload scripts” operator. Both Hops and BC throw ton of errors when they are reloaded:

This makes addon development very frustrating because the output console becomes prepopulated with errors from other addons, and if your own addon has errors, you need to fish it out of this wall of text :frowning:

it’s a known issue. Thanks for the report. We’ll have to see what can be done as time goes on.

How can I get excess to some tools (probably put in the quick favorites)
For example I am a big fan of the merge tool from edit multitool. But it’s a really long way to get this tool, so it’s much easier to add merges by distance in the Q menu…

For the same reason it’s quicker to use standard knife instead of mind-blowing knife tool
In other hand there is a huge number of functions which I use from time to time, because they are useless for me in a daily tasks

So my question is, Is it possible somehow to prioritize tools and get quick access to the most common tools. (For example to merge tool or knife tool ) into one step?

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Or just a reorder of the menus by the user.
Like the n-panel where you can reorder (up/down) the tab-windows (popups)!?

Sounds like a good idea because usually quick favorites are already crowded.
Let’s wait for the answer! :slight_smile:

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What do I do to make BoxCutter finish ngon cut on orthographic view using doubleclick? Tripleclick feels really wonky. When I am in ortho view, I obviously don’t need to adjust depth since I don’t see any in ortho front view.

try using spacebar.

Will have to suffice for now.

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@masterxeon1001 Hi! how r u doing? try to use x-unwrap in my daily work for quick unwrapping low and mid poly objects, but stacked on this cube…
looks like in 3.1.2 x-unwrap doesnt work 2022-07-21 09-43-00.mkv (2.9 MB)

the issue has been fixed in “HardOps 987_32_2”
thanks for the report.


Seems destructive cutting in edit mode is broken in Blender 3.2.2. using Boxcutter 7.19.13

It just cancels any cut immediately.

You might have to install the latest version on the market.
It appears to be working on my side.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for getting back at me. Your reply made me realise the issue is on my side and I found what I was doing wrong. I usually update the addon the lazy way. I delete the “Boxcutter” folder in "\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.2\scripts\addons" after which I unpack the latest update into a fresh Boxcutter folder. This approach helps preserving boxcutter/Hops config by as opposed to the remove/install method.
The disadvantage seems to be that it seems to cause some instability.

Do you happen to know of a better way to keep boxcutter up to date or would you generally recommend to remove/install?

with addons I typically do “folder replacement”

Install from file is more foolproof for beginners imo but dealing with the folder directly has always been my approach. However closing and reopening Blender is also important.

I think in your case it was just being slightly out of date on something that was possibly fixed in a minor update. Blender has quite a few versions active this moment so certain versions might expose certain issues due to api changes or whatever causes it.


hi masterxeon1001
maybe this https://youtu.be/JXO2XusXXEw is nice idea for boxcutter “Ngon tool” …

That’s pretty cool and versatile! Thanks for the link! An arc would be pretty dashing.

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i think if all those functions from video - hang on - the same button as in there and just scroll through them on click, again, as there in the video - you can borrow them all - as a separate form construction mode(like “draw line”) in “Ngon tool”. plus the usual bevel-type chips in the process …

Hello, can you fix the console poll errors? Its a minor thing but when debugging stuff it can be annoying. Thanks!

Hi Jerry!
I’m not sure if it is 100% hops related. But boolean in edit mode will give you a bad result on small objects with fast solver method.

Thanks for the report. The solver within blender continues to change over time. We’ll have to see how it develops.

When it comes to personal use a playlist has been prepared on my approach to booleans.


Hope that helps.

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So in love with boxcutter, but it seems to just crash the new alpha (Blender 3.4.0-alpha). Is that just on my machine?

since 3.4 is new and has many changes to API add-ons may not work ideally. We will be fixing all problems gradually.

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