Hard Ops Thread

@masterxeon1001 hi! thanks for all great updates!
wanna report strange behavior vanilla blender 3.3.2 in ortho view initial drawing of cutting box has an offset and after rectangular is drawn it changes size. also dont sure but as i remember in previous versions cutting box didnt has an outlined contour…
2023-01-25 20-17-37.mkv (2.3 MB)

when a shape is too small issues can occur.

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even half a year later, BoxCutter still doesn’t survive running the “Reload scripts” operation:

Once scripts are reloaded, BoxCutter ends up in a corrupted state and Blender often becomes unstable. This is very frustrating if you are an addon developer and are reloading scripts often. Turning off BC temporarily is not an options because BC has tons of addon preference settings and many of them get lost when toggling the addon on and off.

thank you for the reminder. The issue continues to be brought up internally and remains a topic of discussion. I hope to rectify it when a suitable solution is found.

Addons like Kekit store a preference file on your system, which you can import. Might be worth a try?

Hi mate,

I asked you about this a while ago, and you said you might look into it. I understand you are busy, but could you make it possible to save presets in boxcutter? I miss modo’s slice tool and I do not like blenders bisect or cut tool when I want to cut a line through a mesh. Modo has the ability to have a ‘live slice’ so you can edit before committing. I have been able to mimic this in blender using boxcutter, but there is no way to store it as a keymap if I want to use it quickly without having to apply the settings one by one. I would love to map it to a key and the tool with the settings are ready to go. Would this be possible? I did try the addon which records steps like photoshop’s actions, but it didn’t work. I hope all that makes sense. Sorry for the mountain of text you have to read through -


thanks for the request. It is being taken into consideration. Currently our focus in on outstanding issues and overall stability. It will have to be considered in a way to avoid future issues that could occur.

edit: i am curious in what settings are being used for a live knife slice. Perhaps we can sort that in the meantime.

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Understandable. Thank you for getting back to me.