Hard Ops Thread


(z01ks) #1589

OK thanks Peetie. Then I have to figure it out on my end. :slight_smile:

(masterxeon1001) #1590

i think in boxcutter mode it activates blue box in some instances so i will see about a solution for that like maybe a boxcutter sleep button or alternative state for edit where boxes are off in a state allowing for modelling shtuff. But i can see how it happens. You gotta be real precise with those clicks.

(z01ks) #1591

Just reporting that I’m having an issue with Tweak functionality as well after enabling the Boxcutter addon. I like switching between Box select Mode and Tweak Mode, because i enjoy sometimes not having to press G to adjust many things back and forth so I use Tweak Mode for that. What I mean by Tweak mode is actually when Select (just the arrow) is activated instead of Select Box. I’m referring to the very first button at the top of the T-menu (toolbar toolshelf whatever thingy on the left). So I’m unable to tweak (move stuff without G button) anything whatsoever with Boxcutter installed. Again, might be a problem on my end, but any ideas would be welcome.

(jachtarfranko) #1592

Is there in boxcutter or will be snap to grid as in was in 2.7? Thanks

(masterxeon1001) #1593

its on the map. We plan to implement everything that was once in the 2.79 while also attempting to enhance each feature on the way.

(masterxeon1001) #1594

I forgot to yell that Boxcutter 710 is out!


Couple of bugs for Join and Make on latest build.

(masterxeon1001) #1596

we’ll get that resolved asap! what demons haha.

(Shunke) #1597

I’m using latest version of Hardops on blender 2.8 downloaded yesterday.
When I use C Sharp, it sets the bevel modifier with “Angle” not " Weight ".
On 2.79, it used to set it with " Weight " and still does with latest version.
It this a bug ? or the way it works on 2.8 ?

(masterxeon1001) #1598

this post explains it better than I could just waking up.

in the ctrl + ~ helper >> misc you can set sharp to angle and toggle if you even want weighted normals or not.

(PolyGreen) #1599

you added QUADChamfer mittering to HARD-OPS already! :heart_eyes::pray:
With this we can finally have ultra clean normal maps using H-OPS.

(Kouza Nagi) #1600

hi, I hope it’s the right place…
I have a lot of issue on Box Cutter when I try to “Make” (grey box) shape with Ngon…

(rrtk) #1601

I confirm that Ngon is not working for make(unless if jumped from red by pressing A)

Gray box was not updated in 2.80 build yet, so it never actually worked as intended
It’s still on the TODO list, also right now it can be used only if something is selected ( even for cursor and world surfaces) that will not be the case in future.

We will try to update those next

(Shunke) #1602

Thank you !
The post was really helpful.

(Rob) #1603


Just bought the HardOps (v. & Boxcutter (v. combo on BlenderMarket, but having some questions on the HardOps addon. First, I’m running Blender 2.8 so not all functionality is there yet.


  • I don’t seem to be able to find the HardOps SidePanel (old T panel),
  • I don’t have any inserts shown in the HardOps menu. Looking at the videos there should be something there?
  • And it seems the option ‘Pie:F6 at Top’ doesn’t work for me either

Boxcutter is working fine as far as I can tell.

Am I missing something here?

Edit: Just to add, I’m running the plugins in a separate folder from the regular user preferences on C:
This folder is set in the File Path/Scripts section.


(masterxeon1001) #1604

Hard Ops Update Log
Boxcutter 7 Update Log

Some things had to change on the way into 2.8 while we work on solutions to repair things due to changes with Blender itself. The current versions of HOPS / BC are shadows of what they were but we are working on getting them back in shape and stronger than ever while enhancing certain functionalities along the way. The above links explain it all and what to expect more but we apologize for any inconvenience but 2.8 was a hard transition.

Inserts will be handled differently from 2.8 on.
The F6 pie option will be removed. The F6 isnt what it used to be Blender change that.
That tip about scripts might come in handy! I might experiment with that!

Boxcutter is a total rewrite so Im glad youre liking that. We wanted to bring HOPS over classic before we began making drastic changes to begin our adventures in the 2.8 universe. Hope those links help!

(Rob) #1605

Thanks for that!
Kind of missed it after the installation.

But yes, having a separate folder for addons is nice. Much easier to maintain an keep the preferences folder clean.

Boxcutter is going to be a lot of modeling fun! :slight_smile:


(Rob) #1606

Quick question,

I’m not using a mouse, but is there a way to change the array number while copying a cut?
It seems there’s no alternative shortcut for the mouse wheel on a tablet pen.

Sorry if this has been covered before.


(masterxeon1001) #1607

we are working on improving it in the next update but in the 710 version it can be changed in the d menu under behavior in the sprocket during shape locked state.

(masterxeon1001) #1608

Boxcutter 711 is out.