Hard Surface Detailer add-on


The Hard Surface Detailer add-on for Blender is now available on both
Blendermarket: https://blendermarket.com/products/hard-surface-detailer
Gumroad: https://gum.co/fDzXs
For only 9$!

Speed up your hard surface workflow

The Hard Surface Detailer boosts your sci-fi modelling workflow by generating the tedious and time consuming details automatically, while still giving control on what is being generated.

Select quad faces from which to generate technological details with infinite variety.

Three main styles are available:

  • Hull (red): separates faces into metal plates which shapes are controlled by settings with a high degree of abstraction
  • High frequency (blue): greeble looking small details. Varied visual languages can be achieved through the settings by playing on the recursive depth or repetition parameters
  • Structure (green): X shaped customisable support beams

Who should use the add-on

The types of details generated are suited mainly for sci-fi content. This can range from spaceships, to futuristic buildings, as well as robots etc…

The three main use cases for now are:

  • Help you refine the geometry of a final model, saving time on small tedious details creation
  • Try several shapes for a new design/concept and quickly get a feel of what they would look like with a more finished geometry after putting it through the Hard Surface Detailer
  • Quickly iterate on different visual languages over an existing shape. Trying many styles and rythmes in various areas.


  • Random generation with a user defined seed
    • Gives you infinite variety by modifying the seed value
    • Maintain the possibility to recreate a previous result by using the same seed
  • Deep control on how the random seed is repeated: providing a sense of order or “man-made” through repetition, while retaining variety by diverging on the smaller details (see “Iterations before diverging” in the documentation)
  • See the effect of modifying a parameter instantaneously on the resulting geometry
  • Assign a material automatically to a part being detailed and create UV sets to facilitate interesting material creation
    • Different UV coordinates for each hull plate, to help you discriminate between them if needed for the material
    • Different UV coordinates for each subdivisions with the “high frequency” style, for the same purpose as for the hull plates
    • Different UV coordinates between the rivet parts and the rest, for the same purpose as for the hull plates
  • Flat and smooth normal on vertices are already defined in a way that makes sense with the generated geometry

How to use the add-on

After installing the add-on, a new “Detailer” panel will appear to the right for 3D views in Edit mode (the “Detailer” name can be changed in the add-on preferences):

Select the quad faces you are interested in detailing and simply click “Ok” after choosing a style and the related parameters.

Once the generation is done, parameters can still be tweaked thanks to the mirrored menu that will appear on the bottom left of the 3D view:

The controls here are the same as before, the difference is that modifying a parameter will instantly trigger a details generation corresponding to the new value. This allows for quicker iteration and refining, while offering a more direct understanding of what a parameter drives.

For information on the role of each parameters, please refer to the documentation page. Lots of different styles can be achieved by tweaking the parameters.

Many times, the key is to just browse through the random seeds until something that suits your needs is generated!

Don’t hesitate to ask me here is you have any questions!


Looks really neat, going to grab it from Gumroad.

I suggest renaming “Hull” to “Panels” or “Panel Lines”. I think that more accurately reflects what it can do for any hard surface object, not just ships.

Thank you!
I think your suggestion makes a lot of sense, it is now in my backlog. You will probably see this in the next update!

Thank you for creating this add-on which helps hard-surface modelers add details on their sci-fi models.

Do you think it can generate hull platting or shapes similar to those?



It would be awesome if it could also generate pipes (maybe in conjunction to another add-on like Piperator or Pipe Nightmare ?):

Source: Polishing an old work for a sci-fi blender series - #9 by TheMoonMan

Hey thank you for these suggestions!
The Hard Surface Detailer can indeed generate hull plates but the way the plates are distributed and shaped is following a Voronoi diagram (with a Manhattan distance, if you want to look into it):

However with high frequency style / greebles, you will be able to achieve a similar situation visual language and change frequencies with random generation.

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Once the add-on is activated, a dialog appears on the bottom left of Blender’s viewport, how do I drag and move that dialog/window around ?
Thanks :smiley:
[ Currently when I try to click and drag it around, it will just minimize :frowning: ]

Hi. Have you tried to press F9 ?

F9 worked for me! Thanks Xan, I didn’t know that was a thing!

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Is this a 2.91 specific issue ?

Ok, can confirm, same mesh on 2.90, works perfectly, fail on 2.91.

Exactly, the current version of the Detailer is not compatible yet with Blender 2.91, but I am working on it. It should be a matter of days now.

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Hi, I have screenshoted the problem below 21 Jan 2021:

Hi Bracer,

Yes Blender should be restarted after installing the add-on. This is explained in the documentation and FAQ on blendermarket, in case you have other questions :slight_smile:

Thank you, yes you are right, I was too eager to use your add-on again after I have reformat my laptop, thanks !

Reset Default Value close the dialog and settled the change, I have to press Control + Z to undo and do it all over.
Can reset Default Value not close the dialog ?

Hi Bracer,
I am not quite sure how this option works to be honest. It works when using the initial menu before executing the add-on, but not on the cloned menu once the operator have been executed. I have no idea why there is a difference of behavior between the two of them and it would require quite the investigation.
On the bright side however, I can tell that I am working on a way to export and import entire settings for the add-on so that you can instantly setup different styles. I would provide users with a collection of my own favorite styles as examples because I have the feeling that the Detailer is often not used to it’s full potential. The possibilities are huge but this should also address your issue!

Your default settings are actually quite ok.
But when you are “in the zone” and playing around, you are just sliding stuff and you don’t purposefully remember what the settings were before.

Sometimes I move so many things that the add-on no longer works properly.
I exited the add-on and go back in again hoping that it will reset all the values back to default but it remembers the last settings.

I have to close and re-open Blender again to get it to reset back to default.
Is there a button, ONE button that allows this add-on to reset ALL of its settings for ALL of its options back to default ?

Hull, High Frequency Detail and Structure’s internal value ALL reset back to default by the press of a button, ONE button.

Is that possible ?
Thanks :smiley:

Hi, this add on is no longer working for 2.93 for me, can anyone who purchased it confirm it for me ?

Hi Bracer,
I can confirm this :wink:
I am currently working on the update for Blender 2.93. It should be up sometime during the week.


Hi again!

The Hard Surface Detailer has just been updated and you should now be able to download a fresh version from blendermarket or gumroad compatible with Blender 2.93 :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one and close/reopen Blender before using the Detailer.

Happy detailing!

Hello, tried your add-on for Blender 3.0.