Has anyone made a good Ocean bump map?

(oaschwab) #1

The ocean modifier creates some really fantastic results. Although the limitations being that it creates a lot of geometry and it creates a tiling texture which doesn’t work well for most views of the ocean. Has anyone created anything that mimics the texture of the ocean modifier but works as a bump map? Or anything that looks really good?


As far as I know the ocean modifier just uses a voronoi texture. You could also add a noise texture for more detail…

(SterlingRoth) #3

The ocean modifier uses a lot more than just a voronoi texture.


I just checked and it seems I was wrong. It looks like it’s actually not a voronoi texture, but a clouds texture.

For reference, this is what it looks like:

(oaschwab) #5

Yeah I used a similar depth map to try to copy it with Cycle’s procedural textures but couldn’t ever get it to look decent. I’m not sure if it’s possible with a bunch of mixed procedurals or not but I’ve never been able to get something that looks close.

(oaschwab) #6

It’s a shame. I just did a test with luxcore, which allows blender internal textures to be used. The Cloud texture with Voronoi F1 noise and a depth of 8 looks pretty decent right off the bat. Is there anyway to simulate this in cycles? Is there a reason why luxcore is able to tap into blender internal procedural noise functions so easily but Cycles doesn’t?

(cubicApoc) #7

Musgrave, set to Ridged Multifractal, can do this. Mix in some noise and play with the settings until it looks right.

(oaschwab) #8

I did play around and get some decent results. Anybody want to toy around to get something better?

(Lsscpp) #9

Is dicing enabled for this ocean??

(kkar) #10

Maybe also add disp modifier with basic noise to add abit of extra form to your plane?

(oaschwab) #11

Toyed around with it a little and it seems pretty good. This was rendered with Eevee. I couldn’t figure out how to do the displacement with it so this is just bump mapping.

(Lsscpp) #12

I couldn’t replicate your shader: would you mind sharing your blend?

(oaschwab) #13

This is one of the more recent ones. Unfortunately it’s a 2.8 file so I don’t think it’ll open up in 2.79. It sure is nice working on stuff like this in Eevee and having very fast feedback.

ocean procedural 3 28.blend (769.6 KB)

(cgCody) #14

I came up with a fairly simple but effective ocean bump a few years ago to be used along with the ocean modifier at low subdivision. The key was to animate various textures at different rates and scales.

Watch closely for a before and after transition a few seconds in:

(Lsscpp) #15

Thanks a lot!
woah! looks like I have to try my ocean scene in eevee from now on!

(Okavango) #16

Very nice material, thanks! I ported it to 2.79 for others, and added some color variations for sea / river scenario. Only a flat plane, no subdivision, no displacement:

BA_shader_WATER_ocean_river.blend.zip (153.1 KB)

Note - i disconnected the displacement node since it got broken when porting.

(oaschwab) #17

That’s great Akovango. I meant to do that but haven’t had the time.

(eobet) #18

Looks awesome!

For us not as fluent in Blender, is there a trick to extend the ocean to the horizon? Because I have seemingly three issues to overcome:

Also, I’m using 2.8 and I see displacement in the material, but not the rendered viewport? Is that a thing I have to enable somewhere?