have a look(advice_welcome)

Lo all BlenderHeads.
I have been using blender for about 2 months now
and would like to show all you pros
my sucky work :stuck_out_tongue:
help or advice would be awesome!

(i am 16 so take it easy)

last pic rendered in yafray

OMG thats incrediable!
two months, wow ur really good at this
no crits except the first picture the helmet has something wrong with it and the white things look strange how they go into the shoulders

i agree,that was my first ever robot which looked fine but in that pic it was animated which of course back then i didn’t plan for
oh well :expressionless:


you used any other 3d programs befor?
:-? must of

actually not.
unless you count a few hours in amorphium
(what a crap programme)
i do have years in gIMP and dREEMweeVER altho

Kinda looks like “The Bot” by Mifune.


Pretty good stuff, especially the robots.

they are very similar yes because we were both inspired by animatrix

Only two months :open_mouth: You’ve got to be kidding. Great work. I love the piller room, or whatever you wanna call it :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG! That is amazing! One year, and not nearly that good yet!
Are any of your robots inspired by the myr from Magic?


You’ve really made progress modeling wise over just 2 months, very realistic.

Holy crap.

We’re the same age, but i’ve been using blender, which was my first 3D program (not to mention the one only one i like), and i’ve been using it for four years, and you’re almost as good as i am!

anyways, in the shots where you’re not going for a toony or plasticky look or feel, try using yafray (most awesome renderer if you haven’t heard) or Ambient Occlusion for a better look of realism.

And try your hand at HDRI while you’re at it too. One kid to another, I think you’ll like it.

Dude, you’ve got some talent. wow.

That picture there is incredible. I especially like the corridor behind the robot. That is the exact same look that I am going for.

It looks like its out of halo. :smiley:

Did you follow a tutorial on how to make the corridor?

If not. How did you make it?

I am also 16 and have been using blender for about 4 months. But am no where near up to your level. Keep up the good work! :wink:

whoever spotted the myr you are spot on, i saw some of my friends new magic cards and fell in love with the myr’s so decided to make one in 3d.
I have tried yafray but due do the fact that that robot pic is from an animation render times have become quite costly and yafray never seems to do things the way i want :stuck_out_tongue:
Will read up on ambient occlusion etc.
The hallway was actually really simple just blocks and stuff changed a bit and about 4 lamps (raytraced shadows) no tut used there. ask if u get stuck!


But how did you make, say … the arches in the other picture?

And how did make the repepative pattern of posts and rails and stuff?

ill post a pic of the robot rendered in yafray later today!


Nice work! In no time you will be winning the WC…

Only TWO MONTHS? I couldn’t get this good in a year.

VERY GOOD!!! hehe im only 14 :smiley:

Most impressive.

The problem I find on a scene is defining what you really want to do in it, apart from that it is not that hard to achieve it with Blender.

Still, 2 months is a very short time to get to handle 3D and get renders quite as good as yours. I can only say it with one phrase: You have talent.

I’ve been Blending in my few spare time for some months now and I can make a copy of some other guys work or Idea in no time, a guy I know wich has much more time with Blender than me took some hours to draw a candle and Render it, I took 15 minutes to do a better Render and a better Candle.
It is the Idea that makes one spend a lot of time on a scene.

You seem to know what you want to show in your scene and that is half way.
Also, you seem to be one of those that learn on the move, improving in each new Render / scene and exploring new things as you go along.

Hope to see some of your work on the Blender Galleries soon.

Keep up the good work.

i’m 16 and i’m using blender about a month…how did you do that effect in the image with the gba? you know…the “whooosh” effect…
i really like the one with the gba, it has style.
the others are also good, but i guess you just see a lot of shiny robots here so there is not much special…good work!