Head in Cycles

This is a self portrait, made with Blender 2.74, in cycles, of course. It is still a WIP but already more advanced.

This modeling for me, no scan. Also the textures I’ve painted, no pictures.

I will try to make tutorials as soon as possible.:smiley:

Thanks for watching!

And this is the WIP:

wow… this is really, really impressive work, especially if you’ve made all textures!
The morphing you made is incredible
mind blown

Yeah, agreed. This is mind blowing and truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Wow… looks amazing! The rig is made with shapekeys or bone based?

Mind blowing. The head is very hard to make for itself, and the things how you turned it old and the facial expressions are just sooo amazing. I’m waiting for the tutorial.

Hi Cesar

Really fantastic work!!!



Only crit is that the eyelashes look a bit sticky or something. But… damn, I want to know how to do this… yes, tut please

No comments, waiting for tutorial!

This is incredible awesomeness! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

Astonishing Cesar!!! Very good job… from my point of view (of an amateur :wink: )… completely impressive!!

Un saludo desde las Españas…

amazing!! Simply amazing! Congratulations to you and really looking forward for a tutorial! :slight_smile:

The face rig especially looks mind blowing!

Very very nice. Almost perfect! And there is no way I could do something remotely as good as this!

But after the wow-effect my thought was that the skin is still slightly wax like and eyes could use some spark of divinity - that is the best way I can describe what differs this from really good cgi head. And the benchmark is ofc this cgi head: http://youtu.be/HjHiC0mt4Ts

Thank you very much !!!. This still is not over, yet I consider it in the middle of the process. I think there are many things to improve. I still have to cross the uncanny valley, and this is complex… very very complex… but with Blender this is possible.:smiley:

Impressive work ! Bravo.

This looks EXACTLY like someone i know… Creeped me out a bit lol. Very nice work man. The eye area is astounding! :smiley: 5 stars

Fantástico trabajo… echo de menos un poco menos de SSS en algunas zonas (por ejemplo el tabique de la nariz, quizás un mapa de influencia del SSS le habría venido bien) Por lo demás ¡Espectacular!

Great work… I miss a bit less of SSS in some places (for example the top of the nose, maybe a SSS influence map would be nice). Anyway, amazing!

Yeah, definitely would appreciate a tutorial.

Really very nice, congratulations, it’s always nice to see good work done with Blender.

I agree with Jamie B. The eye area, how it deforms while the eyes look at different spots, is just, superb. Really well done, and makes this so much more believable.

And that is just what I liked the most of a really well done work. Everything is wonderful. Im just, impressed.

Wow, wonderful, I wonder how to add the wetness on around the eyes?