I’m pretty new to Blender so here is a piece I did a few weeks back, still trying to work out how to create a good glass shader.
And my first post here :partying_face:


Behind the scenes:


Welcome, Brendan! Nice work with the helmet!

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Thanks … I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from the community here.

What software did you use before?

Maya … and thankfully free of it :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart … long time no chat.
You know me from Sketchfab, username Brenly.
I took some time out and have now made my way over to Blender … so good!!
Hope you are doing well :partying_face:


Really impressive!

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thanks :grinning:

Nice work! Welcome to Blender!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Awesome work. Very good hard-surface modeling. Any plug-ins or tutorials or other tips&tricks you recommend for the small details like hole paterns, screws and stuff?

Nice model ! Deserving of a better lighting too !

How new to Blender are you?

nice work. Congrats on top row and welcome to #b3d.


Nice work. Really amazing.

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looks like I have to write up a break down for this piece :slight_smile:
In the mean time … check out HardOps and Decal machine!! They are a must if you want to do hard surface like this helmet. Once Ive written the break down Ill be happy to answer questions.
Id love to try a video tutorial.


I know!! I found an awesome lighting addon that Ill use on it to redo the lighting.

I played with 2.8 for a month or so last year and got right into this month, so I few months. I’m basically using Blender through Hardops.

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Thank you for your inspiring videos and crazy awesome addon :+1: