Help wanted - tank tracks

hey guys so i’m trying to make a tank track and i need it to fit around the curve given but i can’t have any deformation of the geometry any ideas on how I could do that?

any help appreciated

Hey there,

This post should assist:


Hey thanks for the reply, but i’m having trouble actually arraying the single vertex, the array modifier doesn’t seem to space the vertex out, i’m assuming due to it being dimensionless.

This picture also may be of additional help, i need the block outlined in red to bend around the orange dots. I don’t know if there’s a way to have the parented object bend around multiple places?

If you’re not planning on any animation for these tracks, then it would probably be easier to use the array modifier to construct the straight sections and build the curved section manually. However if you intend to animate them you’ll need to consider a more sophisticated set up, especially if you don’t want mesh distortion. You’ll need to do some research on viable rigging or driver based solutions.

A quick Youtube search revealed this tutorial in an older version of Blender, but gives you a good idea of what may be involved.

and there are probably several more variations on this theme.

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I believe i shall have to individually rotate the necessary pieces of track, wish me luck lol. Ty.

Hi, perhaps this similar issue might help you also.