Helpful things to buy?

Ok well, I am wondering what things are helpful to buy. Like dvds or books. I already have Creature Factory and Game kit and am wondering what else I should get. Mostly I am interested in Game design, so Im thinking about help for modeling, texturing animating and programming. Yes I am still quite new. I am already looking at the the second edition of Game kit, but what else could help me?

I do need quite a bit of help with creating characters and rigging.

An ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and if you have a CRT buy a LCD.

Ok well my brother REALLY wants an ergonomic keyboard, but I’m thinking more about books or dvds.

Logitech Z-5500, for testing out the sounds in your game! I hope you have lots of foot room! Or you could settle for the smaller, cheaper X-530 or X-540, if you want a good sound system. Also, maybe you could get a 9800 GTX2, I think it’s currently the fastest graphics card on the market! That will really help with your GUI, but let’s hope Blender gets GPU rendering soon, : ). Maybe you can get one of those wooden manican things that fit on your desktop, for character posing during animation.

Keep the CRT though, I have one of each (CRT and LCD), prefer the CRT to be honest. - you can order a lot of gear from there. I got three custom DVD’s full of assets (textures mainly) and tutorials on scuplting, modelling, etc. - all about human heads/faces/eyes etc for 3D. Mainly focused on texturing and rendering, but there is modelling stuff. There are a lot of books by Ballistic Publishing that are quite good. Perhaps get one of the digital art ones for inspiration. A bit pricey if money is tight though.

Mancandy FAQ is a must if you are wanting to get into rigging - own it, love it.

An anatomy book. is probably the best one I’ve got, although a cheap one to get you started would still be handy. Picked up a book full of Leonardo DaVinci’s anatomical studies for under $20 once. Helps amazingly with character proportions, even if you aren’t going for realism. - many photo reference sets, via membership - a fair collection of the same references, but for individual sale. Weigh up how many you want and which is cheaper for you.

A wacom tablet does wonders for both texturing and sculpting. Not neccesary, but you’ll wonder how you ever put up with a mouse if you get one. :slight_smile:

For the record, this is stuff I own personally and I can say has improved how I work as an artist. I have other stuff too, but either I haven’t tried it much or I didn’t particularly need it.

This might make a good sticky if we get a decent list happening.

Sa maybe I will look into Mancandy, and I have been wanting a wacom tablet for a while, but just haven’t had the money. What about the Introduction to character creation off of Montage Studios?

From the sounds of what you are looking to get into, I would say it sounds like a good resource for you. I have the ‘Modelling the Female Body’ one, helped me a lot.

Although I work with Montage Studios now, so try to ignore any bias I might have… :slight_smile:

Ok cause most of the characters I design aren’t realstic. They’re very cartoony.

the best CRT’s are actually better then LCD and Plasma and etc., they are just bigger and really heavy.

I’d still recommend an anatomy book, even if your characters are cartoony. You can get ones specifically for ‘Comic Book’ type anatomy - bulging superheros, weedy supervillains, that sort of thing.

As an example: - Very stylised work, but still follows a rough set of proportions for how long the arms are relative to the torso, etc.

food… most helpfull thing to buy.

Human anatomy book, artist mannequin, modelling clay (some kg’s of good quality), Python Pocket Reference, Reference book for your operating system (you should consider Linux if you don’t yet have it), some mathematics and physics reference books maybe, Plants and Trees picture book, and of course… a new sofa:

CRT buy a LCD
If you have a good CRT, pray everyday that it has a long life, my bother
that guy needs more beatiful lightning.

Ok so where would I get clay and an artists mannequin?

your local art shop maby?

Anatomy books are good but you need one of those:
(considering a good anatomy book is pricy as well and not half as cool on your desk)

And a must have for freedom in 3D is this one:

Perfectly along with the above works one of this:

And to have freedom in 2D you need one of those:

I already played with the Phantom and a HMD. Its awesome. Especially because if the software supports physical properties the meshes have an actual weight. And you have force feedback on collision. If i just would have 10.000 bucks to waste ^^

+50 from and, uhh… my family tree? :confused:

The Phantom & HMC stuff is pointless for its price though.

along with clay…it would be great to buy a set of pencils and a lot of sheets…
since your characters are more cartoony, drawing them really good on paper is really important…
its not just about animating a character…its about making the viewer associae hiself with it and feel it…

i would say the book “animation survival kit” by richard williams would be a good investment…even though its focussed on 2-d animation…but it will help you a lot…

why not to take it a bit further than that, buy the dvd collection as well, if you have the credit:

The Animator’s Survival Kit: Animated