Hi guys Blender Noob here, asking some questions about modeling

Hey everybody i have some questions about modeling in blender:
1- How can i easily soften harden edges in Blender? I’ve seen the whole autosmooth etc. etc. business but is there a way to automate the whole Smooth shade>activate autosmooth per object> mark sharp edges? Because in maya it’s just one button with Hard and soften edge and i would like something like that in blender.

2- Is there a way to apply the Bevel modifier only to Sharp edge, based on smoothing groups like for example in MAX with the quad chamfer modifier? I did not see a way to do it in blender
3- Is there a way to apply Creases based on smoothing groups (sharp soft edges?) In Max there’s the turbosmooth pro modifier and in maya i can apply a script that does it, how can i do it in blender?

Thanks everybody!

For point 2 - You can set the bevel weight of an edge and then when you add a bevel modifier, you can set it to by weight. So it only bevels the edges which have bevel weight set.
When you add weight to an edge, it turns it blue, so you can see which edges have it added.

ok, is there a quick way to select hard edges and set a bevel weight to every one of those?

Select -> Sharp Edges. This will select any edge based on face angles. If instead you want to select edges that you marked as sharp, then in edge mode select one of those and then do a Select -> Select Similar -> Sharpness.

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You can use HardOps in order to condense the shade smooth + autosmooth operations while sharpening edges: https://hardops-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/sharpening/ I’m not sure if there are other addons that also streamline this process, but you could search though the 2.8 addons list: List of addons that work with 2.8

I dont think that it s a good way to push people using addons before they learn the bases of how they software manage so simple functions.

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Is there a different way then to perform shade smooth + enable autosmooth + set autosmooth angle to 180 in one step without addons?

ok thanks a lot guys
@Stan_Pancakes is there an easy way to set a certain Crease value or Bevel value after the selection with just one operation?? Because is basically what i have in maya right now and would be awesome to replicate in blender.
What i usually do is Hard Edges > press S > and subdvide

In general guys Is there an easy way to for example Macro multiple operation toghether into a Button or Hotkey? I tried using the script editor echoing the commands i clicked but couldn find a way to transfer that to a button or hotkey.


No, there isn’t unfortunately. The Mean Bevel Weight and Mean Crease sliders in the sidebar, as well as the Edge -> Edge Crease / Bevel Weight operators change the mean value throughout the selection. If all edges have the same value, then you’ll be setting new value for all. But if they have different values and you want to set the same for all, you first would need to set the mean to 0.

Nor is there an easy way to “buttonize” a script. Basically, one needs to write a script to make a button.

2020-02-25 18_28_35-Crease Set Editor

I would also need something along the lines of the crease set editor to control creases values.
I know i’m annoying but for me it’s a bit of a deal breaker

@Stan_Pancakes ok so maybe if i do a macro that resets them to 0 and then puts them to a value, but anyway. Thanks a lot