Hoggy's drinks TVC-s


(meigo) #1

Hi, here are couple of fairly realistic TV commercials I finished recently using Blender and After Effects.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

Fantastic work, I’ve added it to the featured bar :heart: Also, would you mind submitting it for publication on BlenderNation?

PS: I fixed your vimeo embeds. Just put the link on an empty line and it will expand into a viewer.

(LazyVirus) #3

Beautiful. It’s not my field but It made me wanting to know more about this project. If you have time and will maybe you can write an article about it.

(Dimitar) #4

Amazing work!!!

Quite cinematic as well! How long did the whole project take to model/texture/light? To render? Was it a team effort or sole artist? Curious to see pre/post aftereffects snapshots as well.

(cgstrive) #5

Love them on TV screen! Great job

(Felix Kütt) #6


Can’t say I have noticed HOGGY’S anywhere in the stores here, but then again I don’t drink anymore, so…

(pafurijaz) #7

Great to see this commercial, and really very well done.

(julperado) #8

Wow, this is beautiful! I’d very much like to see a breakdown, article, behind the scenes please :slight_smile:

(Speed7) #9

Really fantastic , well done

(Pierrick PICAUT) #10

Fantastic work. Very nice animation.

(boblybill) #11

Love this. It would be cool to see this on TV. I don’t know where this commercial is for but really great stuff!

(drgci) #12

fantastic work

(pali12345) #13

The best frames that have been seen with Blender.

(numen22) #14

Outstanding! Truly professional quality and great advertisement for Blender’s capabilities as well.

(saiko) #15

Top notch and pixel perfect! It’s great too see such high quality work is churned out by professionals using Blender! Big threat for commercial software packages :slight_smile:

(tyrant monkey) #16

Man this is ace work. The animation is really beautiful.

(Indy_logic) #17

This is really, really great! Very impressive display of what can be done with Blender.

(aaronh) #18

Man those are amazing animations. Great job! Its always great to see Blender being used in the professional world. Well done!

(Toka) #19

Hi Meigo

I just have to join with so many others here and say this is really wonderful work.
So was this all solo the whole way through ?

Hugely impressive.

(lacilaci86) #20