Hoggy's drinks TVC-s

Hi, here are couple of fairly realistic TV commercials I finished recently using Blender and After Effects.


Fantastic work, I’ve added it to the featured bar :heart: Also, would you mind submitting it for publication on BlenderNation?

PS: I fixed your vimeo embeds. Just put the link on an empty line and it will expand into a viewer.

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Beautiful. It’s not my field but It made me wanting to know more about this project. If you have time and will maybe you can write an article about it.

Amazing work!!!

Quite cinematic as well! How long did the whole project take to model/texture/light? To render? Was it a team effort or sole artist? Curious to see pre/post aftereffects snapshots as well.


Love them on TV screen! Great job


Can’t say I have noticed HOGGY’S anywhere in the stores here, but then again I don’t drink anymore, so…

Great to see this commercial, and really very well done.

Wow, this is beautiful! I’d very much like to see a breakdown, article, behind the scenes please :slight_smile:

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Really fantastic , well done

Fantastic work. Very nice animation.

Love this. It would be cool to see this on TV. I don’t know where this commercial is for but really great stuff!

fantastic work

The best frames that have been seen with Blender.

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Outstanding! Truly professional quality and great advertisement for Blender’s capabilities as well.

Top notch and pixel perfect! It’s great too see such high quality work is churned out by professionals using Blender! Big threat for commercial software packages :slight_smile:

Man this is ace work. The animation is really beautiful.

This is really, really great! Very impressive display of what can be done with Blender.

Man those are amazing animations. Great job! Its always great to see Blender being used in the professional world. Well done!

Hi Meigo

I just have to join with so many others here and say this is really wonderful work.
So was this all solo the whole way through ?

Hugely impressive.