Hoggy's drinks TVC-s

This is absolutely fantastic, easily one of the very best things made with Blender i’ve seen. The animation is spot-on. Well done, pro level stuff right there

Also, as someone noted previously, i’d be interested in some kind of making-of coverage as well.

Very beautiful. Was it rendered with Cycles? :slight_smile:

More than wonderful!!!
Great Job! Congrats :slight_smile:

Hoggy is adorable and my new best friend! Superbly done through and through. Congrats on having the chance to do what you love as work!

Nice vanishing act when Hoggy passes the bottle - very slick!

Wow! Good work! i looks so real!:open_mouth:

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Wow, really great work! Love the little hedgehog. =)

Nice work!! What a cute hoggy…

Really top notch stuff Meigo.

Can I ask what part you did in the project?

Thanks everyone for kind words.
To be honest, I’m quite surprised of positive attention this project has got.
Because I worked on it alone and having relatively limited time to finish the project, I optimized as much as possible - like using some stock models, blender assets etc, so I can’t take full credit for everything.
Hedgehog’s rig was based on cat’s meta-rig of rigify and animations were quite basic, mixed and looped together with NLA editor. So not too big effort behind that either. :sunglasses:
I used brenda and aws ec2 cheap spot instances for rendering, so I didn’t meticulously planned everything nor didn’t output many layers/passes, so when it was needed I just brutally re-rendered whole thing, sometimes several times.
Because output from blender (or any other 3d program) can often look quite raw, final look is heavily post-processed - added diffusion, chromatic aberration, lens flares, used overlay effect footage, color graded - so usual cheats to make things look more appealing. It could be more or less achieved with blender’s compositor but After Effects was used just for convenience.
So all in all - nothing too ambitious, just another job but I’m very glad it has attracted great deal of attention here, thanks again everyone.
This is also appropriate moment to thank blender developers, this is nothing less than a miracle they are doing . :star_struck:
About behind-the-scenes requests I’ll probably put something together as soon I get some spare time.
Here are the initial animatics, if someone’s interested (created using Clip Studio Paint):


woooooooooooooooooooooooow, amazing … international standard and super competing.


Stunning work! so nice and real looking!

PS those 2 links, Hoggy's drinks TVC-s, o vimeo arent working

Fixed, thanks for pointing this out.

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Wow, amazing work!

Brilliant! Blender is such an amazing tool that it deserves to be used by studios everywhere.

OMG, I love it! Simply beautiful work!

Wow this is so amazing! @meigo How did you manage to do the plants and the hedgehog fur? They are outstanding! Your work has helped me to realize how powerful Blender is (if you know what buttons to press :sweat_smile:) Well done! :wink::+1:

Thanks Michael,
plants are from different sources, some created by myself, some are from online model stocks, blenderguru’s grass essentials etc. Fur and spikes are just blender hair particles with simple materials: hedgehog_hair_blend.zip

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I took a look at your simulation and… WOW! It’s very impressive :wink::+1: Excellent job meigo!

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