Hollows Beyond Oblivion - Character Profile

This is a test of a character creation workflow I’m making, to use in the Hollows Beyond Oblivion Webtoon:

Clothes textures aren’t the best, the entire clothing will have an overhaul.
Altho the project is still a WIP thing, your feedback is very appreciated, And thanks for passing by!

Blender 2.90 / EEVEE / Intel UHD 630

  • Blender hair particles
  • Auto-Rig Pro
  • A custom skin shader [Only relies on standard maps, no SSS maps yet, still a WIP]

ArtStation version

Music Video using the character: [Hair Particles replaced with Hair Cards]

Render time is 4 seconds/frame for the video because I’m on integrated graphics, couldn’t upload a high quality either because of internet speed in my area.

WIP Thread: Character Creation System / Workflow [Game-Ready]