Character Creation System / Workflow [Game-Ready]

Working on a Base for both:

Altho the project is still a WIP thing, your feedback is very appreciated, And thanks for passing by!

A current example of the character: [ignore clothes / their textures please, still a quick mashup]

Add-ons used:

Planning to use:

Current Features:

  1. Procedural Eyeballs:


Iris Nodes:

Cornea nodes:

The eye is procedural, and it’s a modified version of Kent Trammel’s Eye shader tutorial

  1. Quick Skin Shader [With blending between male and female textures]:


  1. Male / Female BlendShapes [With Shader Support]

  1. Rigged Body:
    Current Weight Painting progress:
  1. [WIP] Post Processing to add dramatic effects and reduce the texture imbalance

To Do:

  1. Resculpt that Sh*t, Body should be sculpted fair now, the Male and Female versions, but Faces? Hell Nah.
  2. Facial rigging fixes and probably FACS integration [with support for MoCap]
  3. Eye Wet, Eye Tear, And separated Eyebrows + Eyelashes [instead of a plain texture]
  4. Hair system, with quick presets and backwards / forwards compatibility between Hair Cards and Hair Particles [Probably a mix of HairTool and HairNet will be used]
  5. Clothes workflow and Shape Transfer [Probably GarmentTool and procedural shaders]
  6. Child Morphs, and Corrective ShapeKeys
  7. If I get enough time, completely procedural Skin shader
  8. MB-Lab integration is something that’s been on my mind for a while now
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Aaaand Forgot the Wireframe

Test motion of the rig, not a great animation but it works

Shadow Pass:

Trying to code a panel for this thing, might make an asset out of it.