Holy .blends!

How many .blend files do you have on your harddrive? Just a random thought that popped into my head.

I have 362, soon to be 363. Thiis including .blend1’s too. :spin::spin: At least I shocked myself.

I only have 271 with .blend1’s. A lot of the time if I am testing something out, which is a lot, I don’t even save. So I could have a ton of files but I don’t want to take the time to save it all :stuck_out_tongue: How long you been using blender RedJay?

I have 502, according to windows search…I think I need to do some spring cleaning.

Hm… did a windows search and got 673 hits… I don’t think all are none but only about 20 or 30 are from the internet. Wonder where they all are… lol

Ouch…2,845. Really need to clean up.

Been using Blender since 1.8 and before there was any undo. I still am in the habit of saving my files all the time incrementally so that I can go back if I need to.

I thought I was the only one at BlenderArtists who had a messy computer (70 GB Windows username), and I have 386 .blend’s, and only 102 .blend1’s, for a total of 470 .blend and .blend1’s.

736 total…Yikes!

Since September 8, 2007 according to my documents. Most of my files came from my books and stuff I downloaded. About 40 are ones I’ve actually created.

lol, I have over 9000.
I could probably reduce this to 6000 if I tried hard enough.

i have a total of 564 blend.´s the creepy part is that i remember every single one of 'em.

LOL. I have 180 blend files on my C drive, and 747 blend files on my D drive, making a total of 927 blend files. No wonder I don’t have any disk space left. =P

the creepy part is that i remember every single one of 'em.

Same here. xD

I remember all of mine too. I can’t think of all of them right now, but I will definitly remember making it and it’ll come back to me when I see em again. Ya know what I mean?

More than 2,000 but some are duplicate

probably a thousand or more, including my own work(50~100), downloaded materials/ rigs, Elephants dream files and the peach files.

I have 831 here, and that is after I got rid of all the .blend1 files that I don’t need anymore.

Other interesting things:
I have 2526 textures
I have 210 rendered images
I only have 30 rendered videos

EDIT: I forgot my other drive (this one includes BBB files)
With both drives, and including stuff I didn’t make, I have 1738 blend files.:eek:

281 blends for me.

736 .blends. And I did a clean-up 3 months ago…

over 600. 4 are finished. ick.

Let’s see…if I include…Lemme grab the calculator…

I have exactly 0.00 .blend files on my computer.

Story of my life. :stuck_out_tongue: