Homemade Bruce Willis

Thanks a lot for your replies!!! and glad you like! For the animation I’ve used a bone system, no shapekeys:yes:.

Very impressive! Would be interesting to know what Bruce Willis thinks about this :wink:

This is really good!.. Amazing work!

Very very good. Props.

This is mind-blowing! This needs to go in every Blender demo reel immediately! :slight_smile:

Very good sculpt, texture and rigging work, congrats!

Hahahahaha, this is a nice project man. Just imagine if people would put more money behind this. The things you could do.

We need to use this somehow to the advantage of the common man.

For example: Do you know the case, where folks impersonated DOW Chemical?


Just, Wow. I feel like such an amateur, now.

You cheated … Its a photo :confused:

wooowww… this is some serious stuff… amazing work…

Very nice indeed.
Can you explain how you did your initial setup?

  1. What modifier did you use? Multires?
  2. You created a few cubes in edit mode by duplicating them
  3. Why did you change the “skin” color to red?

I’m a noob :slight_smile:


If I would do facial rig for tracking, for first, I would import movie in Blender, then (on camera object!) place markers at face, setup tracking scene, parent camera to face mesh, scale camera, make rig, constraint rig bones to empties constrainted to markers. That’s how i imaging, I never tried this on faces.

Do you know the program FaceRig? It captures the facial animation from webcam and transform it to a CG character, which is broadcasted to another webcam. So, I am curious, can you bake textures, AO, derivative maps and whatever to make Bruce Willis the FaceRig character?

Amazing work! It blows me away.
One minor thing I noticed is that the animation for the eyelids is a little unnatural.

Well done!

Wow! This is absolutely amazing!

You really took it to the next level here! Excellent work.

Now please please please teach us how you rigged the face, and how you made that skin material.

That looks amazing! Awesome work!!

WOW! Stunning… Love that motion capture deal. :smiley:

This is definitely a piece of Masterpiece!