Honeycomb House


(enricoceric) #1

Hi, it’s a while I didn’t post on this forum, thought I could share this one :wink:

Here is a project I started some times ago and finally decided to work a bit on.
I first went for a warm autumnal scene but finally decided to stay on greenery with a more cold environment.

For the fog, this time I used the usual trick, a sphere surrounding the scene with scattering medium material and a sphere around the camera to control the fog depth (more precisely where it starts).

Modeled with Blender as usual
Rendered with Octane Standalone 4.0 RC5
PT Kernel
Renderd time around 15 min, 25 min for larger images (3000x1680).

(Grzesiek) #2

This is so going to get featured, at least it deserves to … Impressive work.

Cna you also post the mesh render (without materials) or even wireframe just to see how you’ve done this.

And how long has it taken for you to complete this work?

(enricoceric) #3

Thanks Grzesiek,
Will see what could be done.
Duno precisely the time I spent on this, I started it some times ago and worked on from time to time, by the way it’s a while now I don’t count anymore until I’m paid for such works :wink:

(birdnamnam) #4

I’m speechless… This work is purely fantastic. Can’t say anything more. Everything, from lighting to texturing is amazing. +1 for featured, of course (what else could be appropriate for such incredible pieces of work?).

(BigBlend) #5

This begs to be rendered in a small movie. Like slow panning camera with a single bird singing. Maybe a zombie in the distance.

(Richard Terry) #6

Wow! This is so good!


Great work! This deserves a feature :smile:

(Lincoln Deen) #8

Are those textures Megascans/Poligon, or made in designer? They’re sooo good

(GarageFarm.NET) #9

I love the mood.
So cinematic.
The fog really tells the story.
You just wanna get inside and have a warm cup of tea.
It’s so cold and wet outside…

Perhaps adding some variety to the fog itself could improve this even more.
Like some creeping fumes above the lake.
That’s how it looks like in the mornings :slight_smile:

Jarek D (DJ)

(enricoceric) #10

Thanks everyone,
Linkun : Some textures are home made, others come from various providers like CGTextures and Poliigon.
Garagefarm : Indeed I wanted to add some fumes above the lake but didn’t experimented this type of volume objects in Octane, for the next one maybe :wink:


Looks real to me. :slight_smile:

(alf0) #12

damn this is so good !!!

(SirDraco65) #13

This is absolutely phenomenal. Can’t help but wondering, do you have any tips as to how you get your materials and renders looking this good, or is it just pure raw talent and patience? :slight_smile:

(enricoceric) #14

Good textures, not necessarily very high res, is probably one of the keys, and yes patience is probably the main one :wink:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #15

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(rawalanche) #16

How do you place all the foliage? I thought that Octane standalone doesn’t have any scattering tools.

(SunBurn) #17

You’ve captured the whole atmosphere greatly, I almost felt the humidity penetrating my bones.:cold_face:

(Dimitar) #18

Nothing to say except great work!! :slight_smile:

(Okavango) #19

Phenomenal. Seems Tarkovsky - ready…

In your opinion, could this be rendered in Cycles and achieve the same level of quality?

(Grzesiek) #20

I still want to see the modelign details. I’m curious how much is modeled and how much is textured