Honeycomb House


(FanFanya) #61

Amazing work! How many faces are there?

(Uthu Santuhan) #62

Wow! Are you an Architect King? The pict is really realistic!

(爷爷说,不关你事就别管) #63

As someone who has just entered this community, I see your work, and it makes me very hopeful about my future, but…Thank you for your work

(Markus Rule) #64

It is so beautiful. Amazing work.

(Massa) #65

Simply fantastic! Congrats.

(furtonb) #66

Well, technically speaking, they are pictures. :wink:

Yup, that would be interesting to see. I’m just curiously wandering around these forums (architect as well), and I am wondering what could be done with “vanilla” Blender itself -without relying on dozens of external plugins.

Maybe we could do a challenge to recreate the images with Cycles and discuss the workflow. I am using C4D with Corona at the moment (for rendering), and do the primary modelling with ARCHICAD, so I’m mostly interested in shading, rendering, scattering the vegetation, and modelling “assets” (anything, that is not required in technical drawings: mobile furniture, gadgets, small plants, lighting fixtures, etc.).

These images are one of the most compelling archviz images I’ve seen so far, that’s why I would be interested in what I’ve written above.